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  • Tana definitely provided a very comfortable, safe space for healing and learning, where anyone can be vulnerable and get the most out of their experience. She made sure everyone was well taken care of, was very informative every step of the way and ensured that everyone had a rewarding experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to sit for Kambo, sananga, hape and/or cacao and would love to sit with her in ceremony again.

    1. Aurora Betancourt

      Defenetly important who provides the medicine for the healing journey to be pleasant and rewarding. Tana is professional ,caring, and answers all your questions. Every session gives me more spiritual, physical and emotional healing. Totally recommend Tana for these ceremonies.

  • Tana has provided a safe space to dive deep into one’s self, exploring our ailments, and healing with a touch of feminine energy. Every time I have experienced sananga, hape, and kambo I have dived deeply into a state of true spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. I cannot thank her enough for existing and providing such tender care when we find ourselves consumed in this journey raw and vulnerable. Much love and gratitude to her and Jason for sure!!

  • With chronic pain, and mold poisoning and many other health problems, Kambo helps my body heal. I leave each session feeling very cleansed and connected. Tana creates a loving, caring and relaxed space for kambo and I would highly recommend.

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