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8 reviews
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  • This was my first experience sitting with medicine and it was life changing! Valerie was very compassionate, knowledgeable and caring. The environment she created was warm made me feel safe and supported. I am grateful to have walked this journey with Valerie and her sisters! I highly recommend this experience if you are seeking to heal and grow spiritually.

  • I attended a ceremony for support, but received more than expected in my journey. Impressed with Valerie’s professionalism at Ancient Roots Alchemy. Since this was new to me, she spent extra time around origins, setting expectations and ensured i had the right mindset going in as well as empathetic after care. Valerie created a safe and inclusive environment where the music and natural atmosphere integrated well into the experience. Highly recommended and have returned!

  • I always have the most amazing experience and feel an overwhelming sense of love and safety when visiting. Valerie always makes sure you know what to expect and that you are ready before starting any session. Would recommend to anyone looking to better themselves and will definitely be coming back myself!

  • Valerie was very attentive, provided a great explanation as to what we should expect, had such a peaceful energy, built trust and provided an even better experience than I could expect.

  • Choosing to heal can be a difficult process and I am thankful for the work that Ancient Roots Alchemy does. They provided the most safe and accepting environment for sacred ceremonies. The Integration and “connectedness” that they provide has aided me in more ways than I can express. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge, your work is so important and I’m grateful for my experiences with you both!

  • Sarah holds space so beautifully and comfortably. This type of medicine was foreign to me so I was nervous, but Sarah’s essence calm me and the fact that she’s a RN also alleviated my nervous. Sarah guidance helped me sit with my truth and she was there when it got painful and hard she helped me through it even after she’s always there. Sarah has a beautiful being, the connections and medicine she is has change my life and I’m eternally grateful for the service she provides.

  • I felt safe, understood, supported and loved with my sisters while sitting in ceremony. Such a beautiful experience that left me with more clarity and certainty than before. I continue to stay connected with my sisters.

  • Sitting in ceremony with these sisters was a beautiful experience. I felt loved, supported, seen, and safe.

    1. Valerie McKenzie Listing Owner

      Thank you sister for your kind words and trust. Honored to be of service and fortunate to call you family. So grateful for you. With so much love.

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