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  • My experience with Ayacona was great until scandal after dramatic scandal. It used to be Juan and Maria but now that Maria cheated on him with Abtin, a 25 year old participant, the same guy who got another participant pregnant and was forced to get an abortion due to his lack of help and support, it would be in your best interest to stay away from these trashy people.

    Abtin and Maria are now supposedly taking over this organization.

    They have no place serving medicine to heal people when they themselves are broken and have ZERO integrity or respect for life and other people. BEWARE
    If you want WOUNDED TOXIC feminine AND WOUNDED TOXIC masculine serving you sacred medicines then you’ve found the right place.

    I am posting this to PROTECT potential current and future participants.

    NOTHING BAD to say about JUAN. Please send prayers his way in these times of betrayal and hurt.

    1. Hello friend, this is Juan. Yesterday I renounced Ayacona and like I said on my goodbye message, Ayacona was Maria’s and I baby, but then it grew and it became community and family to the extent that it outgrew its parents. Ayacona has and administration group and multiple helpers that gave their time and effort in a very selflessway for the benefit of many!
      It hasn’t been easy for any of the parts involved and like you show in your message, there is a lot of animosity and pain with this situation. However my heart overflows with love and compassion for Maria and Abtin as they acted out of their own ignorance, misery and impulses, and for that we must let universe take care of it . Please understand that by propagating anger or responding in this way will only multiply our own personal misery and i truly believe we need to move on in a more peaceful kind and compassionate way in honor to the great memories and the family that was created along the 8 years of this organization.
      Yesterday after i publicly renounced , the administration board of Ayacona’s contacted me to let me know that Maria and Abtin will NOT be part of the organization and that Brent and Rebbeca wish to move on without us in a way that protects the good people that makes part of the community. They truly want to maintain Ayacona’s original intentions of providing a safe place for people that need to find a way out of their suffering.
      I kindly ask you to consider removing your review as it only brings more harm and can only breed more turmoil, more misery and I personally think we already have enough of that. Let the universe take care of the rest, it is not our job to judge and condemn.
      I send a lot of love to you trusting you will understand and send love to all the community that we held dear for so many years and I Kindly ask you to remove your post as Ayacona transitions into its future without us, I want to see my big baby thrive as I let it go and i feel that it is now in good hands with people with good intentions and good hearts. May all beings be happy, may all beings be peaceful, may all be liberated from their suffering , lets move on in Love.

    2. It makes me very sad to write this, but I will not let someone’s reputation that we all all come to know & love be tarnished in the face of so much toxicity that has been shown. If you have worked with Maria, you know her character, her heart & her dedication to this path & her practices. Her wisdom & compassion in the ceremony space has been life changing, not only for me, but for so many others. How this situation is being portrayed above is not the reality of what has went on, not only in recent events, but the entirety of the relationship of Juan & Maria. Juan, someone that we have also grown to love & trust, has sadly shown extreme aggression & controlling behavior towards Maria that resulted in him becoming physical with her. Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of his aggressive behavior & until he is able to truly look within & change these patterns that has been repeatedly shown, I fear that he is a threat to not only Maria, but other women who may be in those vulnerable states with him as well. I did not want to get involved, & we all have been hoping for a different outcome of the direction of their relationship, as this has been painful for everyone involved to watch & come to terms with, but I will not sit here & allow Juan to be victimized in a situation that he not only helped to create, but has now twisted into something else entirely. It is easy to be blind sighted to these other parts of him & hard to see until you’ve witnessed it for yourself, but they are present & have shown themselves in several different situations that many other people can unfortunately attest for too. Please understand that there are deeper truths that have only recently come out of hiding & your ignorance to the entirety of the situation should not be a reason that Maria is being demonized, when she has been on the other hand of abuse for years now. Thank you.

  • I have worked with Maria & Juan (and the Aya Cona Community) now on two separate occasions, each special in their own way. After sitting with a number of different facilitators over the years, I am grateful to find this group. With the music, the mix of medicines they work with, the Aya Cona community of participants, and the helpers, Maria and Juan create a loving space to go deep in the work. We are encouraged to sink deep, while also held in a space that feels lovingly protected.

    Maria and Juan have been working with these medicines for over 20 years, and every helper has traveled and worked in brewing the medicine they serve. They know these plants intimately. Their work is a true act of service. While they create the space for each of us individually to go deep into the process, I felt properly cared for along every step of the journey. After seeing the shadow side of the plant medicine spaces over the years, I was hesitant to open myself up in this way again. Knowing this group and personally knowing helpers who have worked with them for many years, I felt enough trust when the call came once more. The sacred medicines of the Amazon have been colonized for profit as word continues to get out, and power has been abused. I had many conversations about my concerns before sitting again and can feel comfortable in knowing the intention is pure with this group. They work with love and care. The community is inclusive and the medicine is accessible. The container is held with the highest intention, and we are given the space for our own journey without the imprint of another motivation. Care is given before and after, and tools of integration are available. We are not thrown out to fend for ourselves once the “miracle” is attained. They recognize the importance that comes after we go home, and create a container of support for that.

    The work is not easy. The location is not glamorous. It is neither cushy nor catered …. which is exactly what is needed to get to the core. I’m writing this review a week after ceremony to ensure my head is clear. And from a distance, I become even more grateful for the gift that was given by this entire community.

  • Words cannot express the amount of Love & Gratitude for the Ayacona family.

    This review has been a long time coming, being these divine souls held space for my wife and me in their circle for the 3rd time since November 2022.

    Nowhere near a flex but in reflection, yes we go back to do the work and recalibrate but it’s deeper than that…

    The language of unconditional love Maria & Juan Pablo integrate with their style of practice, I wouldn’t have imagined in a million years!

    My heart opens more and more each time I see them and their amazing helpers. All labels aside, I’ve never felt so at home with such a spectrum of beautiful souls.

    Each group we’ve experienced have broadened that scope of community, we felt was rare in our community. It’s very alive the liberation to be had Im attending a ceremony with Ayacona.

    I have experienced many medicines before in my pursuit of inner exploration and never felt more safe.

    Surrender, Acceptance & Empowerment… The takeaways from each ceremony attended in that order.

    They helped me find a voice, I felt was out of reach from a place of autonomous grace…

    I could go on… They know this! Lol!

    If you want to experience interconnection, go with who feels comfortable. I’m not here to sell you on Ayacona.


    This group is the collective medicine I choose when I need to be guided home.

    Shanti, Namaste, AHO!

  • I found my tribe! I was nervous about joining an “online” aya activation. There were a hundred reasons to be skeptical and I arrived with all of those reservations. Within minutes, I knew I had made the right decision for myself AND for my collective generational healing. Every soul at the retreat taught me something I needed to learn. Juan and Maria are so patient but firmly encouraged me to push myself toward my healing. The medicines were prepared with love. Maria does not negotiate with how important *you* are. She saw something in me that I had not seen in a very long time; I suppose true healers carry a hope that sometimes we don’t always know we have. There were times that I felt uncomfortable with the amount of compassion and attention. I am not accustomed to people genuinely caring for me without expecting anything in return. But they kept showing up and hugging me and holding space for me to work through my trauma. One night, I was stuck in the shawdow work of grief and a helper sat with me in the cold at 4am for *hours*. She was tired and cold but she didn’t leave me. That human kindness was medicine, the tribe is medicine, the soil of the retreat is medicine. My only prayer is that I remain awakened after this retreat. Bless up!

  • I have now sat in ceremony twice with the Ayacona group. I absolutely love this tribal family.

    It always feels absolutely safe and loving. Juan and Maria are amazing guides and all of the helpers really make for an excellent experience. I highly recommend them if you are nervous about a first time, but also for the seasoned person, this is a whole new level of care and support.
    I plan to sit with them again very soon, after integrating my lessons from this last time.

    The love you’ll walk away with is unmatched in anything else I’ve ever experienced.

  • CONGRATULATIONS. Your search for a ceremony is complete! You have found exactly what you were looking for with Ayacona.

    I very much encourage you to go ahead and contact them to proceed with next steps, but for those that aren’t quite convinced yet, I will write a short and sweet review of this beautiful, magical organization:

    Perfect. Profound. Keys to the universe. Endless love. Healing divinity. True peace. EXACTLY what I needed and EXACTLY what the world needs.

    You will not regret this.

  • I recently participated in a ceremony and found the experience to be very healing. I was actually surprised to see so many other men in the group and they were very welcoming. The ceremony itself had the men work in their own group while the women worked in theirs. This was a nice way for me to reflect on not only myself as a person, but to be expressive of myself as a man. When you’re going through the work, it is comforting to have a brotherhood who is supporting you and helping to make sure you’re okay. I should also note this was my first experience dealing with these medicines. Juan and Maria were the absolute best. They were so thoughtful and open to my questions and you felt a genuine warmth about them.

    Post ceremony was a lot to process. In fact a week later I was still going through the work. I discovered some very positive and unexpected things working its way through me. I think the important thing to keep in mind is that it is okay to be skeptical and to look for the right fit for yourself, but I would give my honest advice that if you are called to work with Juan, Maria and the wonderful people who volunteer with them, please do so. I don’t regret a single moment of the experience.

  • Did a 3 day retreat with Maria and Juan and they are truly sweethearts! It was all worth it! I have experienced sacred ceremony in Brazil many moons ago so this was my second time in Austin, TX working with the sacred vine. Since Ayahuasca has become so popular and in demand, there are many retreat centers that work with it ,but not all do it with integrity. That is why it is so vital to support those who do it right . Maria and Juan are both respectful of everyones specific needs and are sincerely motivated to help other heal. It was an honor to be a part of this community and do the humbling spiritual work which is usually quite challenging to do, but necessary. You will feel safe and looked after. Remember to dance even if you don’t feel like it as it will greatly help you move the energy and transmute it! I will def do another ceremony with Maria and Juan when the time is right to do so. Wishing everyone love, healing and spiritual guidance.

  • This was my first experience and it was so much more than I expected! I finally realize why it’s so difficult to research what this experience is like. It’s indescribable because it’s an individual journey and it’s comprised by so many different individual experiences. Also these experiences are further influenced by all the people present and the energy they bring. This was my first experience and I had done a substantial amount of research that was also verified by a close friend and I was able to get an idea of general protocol and dosing that takes place. Based off of my perception of comparable organizations I felt like Aya Cona is exactly what I needed and felt tailored to the type of environment I enjoy. One less restrictive and open to experimentation… even for someone like me who has never experienced these medicines. I was able to all medicines available and was encouraged to to try more if willing. I guess if I could sum up what this experience is doing for me is that it is removing filters in my world and interactions. So grateful for this opportunity.

  • Juan and Maria along with staff/helper make sure you’re in a safe area. They know exactly what you need and they perform their job very well. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I am extremely grateful for them and everyone at the ceremony. I went there to heal and the medicine knows exactly what it wants for you. You just need to trust everything when you’re there.

  • I am forever grateful and fortunate to experience ceremonies ran by Juan, Maria, and the Ayacona-Austin team. I have been in search of church that takes ceremony and knowledge to empower those who seek healing. The whole ceremonies from the beginning to end is solid and I felt a great sense of safety even when it started to get dark. I can talk to the helpers and get the response or even a hug to help with my process. Having a male and female shaman is such a blessing to give a needed balance as it got me in touch with my masculinity in a health way. If you are seeking healing, need a safe environment, and like to be empowered to choose your healing path based on the knowledge Juan and Maria and Ayacona team provide, look no further.

  • Ahhh Juan and Maria are absolutely lovely. They encouraged me when i was hesitant and i am so grateful for that! I hope to work with them again some day.

    1. So would you recommend this experience to others

  • Juan and Maria are truly amazing! They are masters of their craft and exemplify what true healing really is. I loved the whole experience, including the more challenging moments! I feel very blessed and privileged to be with them for my first ceremony.

  • Jaun and Maria are two of the most caring and compassionate individuals I’ve ever met, the knowledge and love that they share is monumental. The gifts they gave me will flourish for many lifetimes.

  • I had my first Cermony here. And I enjoyed my experience.

  • I wanted to share what a beautiful experience I’ve head with these amazing people. It was truly a life transformative journey I took. Part of my healing was the medicine but the huge part of it were the people serving it. They do their work with an open heart and they make you feel safe to be exactly what you need to be to truly transform. Their kindness and acceptance were such a healing elixir for my soul. I couldn’t have asked for a better setting to sit with this beautiful medicine. They are very knowledgeable and skilled at creating a safe circle for us to meet ourselves in the deepest way.

  • I cannot describe this experience without diminishing it. So I will just say that it was the most sacred and healing gift that I could ever receive. Thank you, powerful and loving Juan and Maria, all you generous helpers, and fellow voyagers sharing this exquisite journey. We are One. We are Love!

  • Words fail to capture the beauty and wonder of the weekend I spent with Juan and Maria. They are healers focused on helping whomever is called to work with them. They know that by healing ourselves, we heal the world. If you feel the call within your heart, listen to it. Your soul will thank you!

  • Juan and Maria led a perfect ceremony for my first time. I came in with a lot of fear in my heart but a decent amount of experience in mushrooms. They provided a holistic experience, from setting intentions to prayer to the ceremony itself. I doubt that I will every go to another group based on how wonderful my experience was for my first round. I trust them, feel safe in their care and can’t wait until the next time I can be in their company – sitting with the medicine or not. If you are debating on moving forward or on who to go with, go to Ayacona. Be brave and take my love with you friend.

  • This was my first time visiting with Juan and Maria. Wow! What an amazing night of intention setting, education, journeying and transformation. The music carried me through the journeying in a very subtle fashion and allowed my inquisitive nature to cultivate into higher dimensions and grow with absolute truths. The celestial orgy was very profound and best takeaways is trust the breathwork, trust the dieta, trust Juan and Maria, trust the medicine. This is how growth happens, we have let go of a part of us that is no longer serving us. To onwards and updates. Eternal Gratitude to Juan, Maria and entire Ayacona (Texas) family. Will definitely do again — Love and Light

  • I would like to begin by saying this was my second time to sit with Grandmother and this tribe is now my home. I love them all and I love you as well. If you are in need of the medicine as you are here already researching for it please don’t hesitate to reach out to them. They are a beautiful tribe and I will say that there lights shine so bright. Every soul there was so wonderful in ceremony and to have sat with Maria and Juan is such a blessing. They are beautiful souls. Great at what they do and if you listen to exactly what they say and do it you will be reborn and find out how beautiful you really are. All the felicitators that were there as helpers did so well to help me as I went through my journey. The medicine is there and it is beautiful!! Take all doubts and fears out and take the step into your new life and find how amazing you truly are and step into your true power. You are all amazing beautiful lights. Let this tribe lead the way because this is where I found my calling. I love all of y’all so much a want to see every one of you find your true self and inner child as I have. A’ho!!

  • Thank you Juan and Maria for the amazing ceremony. Able to experience what love truly is. I felt one with everything and such an amazing journey. They are very considerate and helpful. Will see you guys again in June hopefully.

  • So grateful for the healing Juan & Maria facilitated. They have good intentions and care for everyone’s safety. They truly want deep healing to occur. Eternally Grateful 🙏🏼

  • I felt very safe and supported with this group. It is a great space to open up to greater levels of healing and awareness.

  • I had an amazing experience here. I feel safe, welcomed, and guided. Definitely going back again!

  • This was my first time in a ceremony with Juan and Maria and I am forever grateful to have found this circle. They are experienced facilitators who lead with wisdom, love, and light. No matter what you’re going through or any fears and doubts you may have, they welcome you with open arms and create a safe space for your healing journey. I instantly felt comfortable in the ceremonial space and the energy of the land was amazing. Juan and Maria helped me in a way I can’t begin to describe and I am thankful to have been led to them. They explained everything very clearly and helped you build a connection with the medicine. My experience was beautiful and powerful. Thank you Juan, Maria, and Ayacona family for this wonderful blessing! Gracias and Aho!

  • It is both an honor and privilege to have sat with Ayacona. Juan and Maria are full of love and wisdom to lead the ceremony for healing, harmony, learning and love.

  • This is a great group of people that keep a very safe space. Juan and Maria are lovely people sharing their love, wisdom, music and medicine. The volunteers and the staff that make this space possible have a passion for serving. Brent does an excellent job making the ceremony run smoothly. We are fortunate to have found this amazing group of people so close to our home in Austin. We look forward to spending more time with this awesome group.

  • I’m so thankful I found this group! Knowledgeable, caring,and joyful. So much healing with support at every step! The land and setup is beautiful and helps to center your journey.

  • This was my first time sitting in ceremony and it was the most beautiful experience! Maria and Juan Pablo were exceptional and I could not have asked for better guides! The information received before the ceremony was very important as well to make sure the experience was safe and their knowledge is key to the success of whatever reason or reasons you have for going! I feel so much love and joy and I can’t thank them and those who sat in service with them for everything! I have a new family now and love you all so much! Thank you thank you!

    1. This was supposed to be a 5 star rating all around but there is something wrong and it didn’t accept 5 stars on all three categories. This experience was amazing and should be correctly reflected in my review

  • Brando

    My experience with Juan and Maria was absolutely beautiful! They helped me through alot and showed me so much! Showed me the bigger picture of life, showed me my spirit animal, showed me my grandfather, and helped me quit cigarettes all with their guidance and medicines! I have never felt more unconditional love than at a ceremony. I will definitely be going to more ceremonies! I have gained a whole new family too! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I love you all!

  • V

    Juan and Maria are genuine, skilled, and amazing healers. The version of myself that goes in is not the same version that goes out after a ceremony.

  • Thomas

    If you are looking for a honest and open space to heal and grow, look no further. I highly recommend sitting with Aya Cona. I’ve been around medicine people for over a decade and Juan and Maria are the real deal! The incredible relationship with the medicines they share is obvious and the love they have for the people is enormous. I met Jaun Pablo and Maria a year ago after years of intense spiritual work. Although I had made much progress in healing before Aya Cona, there were stubborn addictions and negative patterns that persisted in my life. After my first experience with the medicine I was able to stop a 25 year addiction to nicotine. The benefits did not stop there, every experience builds on the previous.

  • Jonathan

    I love the way Juan and Maria teach the uses of all the medicines – very connected with your personal journey through the weekend. I have always felt safe and able to let the process take me as I trust them so.

  • Tippie

    Maria and Juan. I cannot thank them enough for all of the healing and integration I have experienced through their love. All their ceremonies are pure love. It is important to trust your shaman and feel safe as it is a very challenging and vulnerable process. Maria and Juan just exude so much patience and love. It has allowed me to also apply it to myself and to others.
    If you want to change your life, run to Maria and Juan.

  • Joan B

    I have sat with Ayacona a number of times over the last year. I’ve sat with other leaders and the difference is that Juan and María are in tune with the needs of the participants, not just catering to those that have sat with them before. I recall the second night of the first time I sat with them I was distraught emotionally but I used to tend to cover it up. Maria came and prayed over me with tobacco at the moment I needed it most. The ceremonies are filled with music which helps to keep the energy flowing. In their ceremonies, it’s about your journey, not them leading. I am grateful to have experienced the beautiful medicines with Ayacona. Thank you!

  • Brittany Watts

    This group and these medicines have given me some of the most profound experiences I have had. The level of care they exhibit while in the ceremony, their knowledge and their guidance with all the medicines they offer really shines through. They are passionate about everything they do from the healing music Juan brings to the deep personal healing messages Maria gives to the various medicines they share. This has really become an amazing community that I consider family and I can’t speak highly enough of them.

  • Brandon Jatzlau

    I’ve had the honor and pleasure to have sat with Aya Cona in numerous ceremonies for the past few years. There’s absolutely no way I can describe the profound effect that doing so has had on myriad aspects of my life. It should be stated that it’s the life I trust Juan and Maria with completely. I stand transformed by the love, healing, care, talent, experience and joy that these individuals inflect into their ceremonies each and every time. I recommend their retreats to both novice individuals just beginning their journey with sacred plant medicines, as well as well travelled adepts seeking other practitioners from which to learn.

  • Kindi

    I have had the honor and privilege to sit in many ceremonies with Juan and Maria both here in the states and have travelled to Colombia with them. I am indeed grateful for the beautiful healing space they provide to be vulnerable and feel very safe and loved throughout the process. Juan and Maria bring a beautiful masculine feminine balance to ceremonies that I have not experienced in other ceremonies I have attended. The music is uplifting and the joy and laughter experienced with this community is priceless! If you’re looking for a family to heal with, transform with and grow with…this is the place! Thank you Juan Pablo and Maria, my beautiful medicine parents! 🥰🙏🏽🥰

  • Justin Wiley

    When I was called to the medicine I was scared and confused as to why I was there. Juan, Maria and the community they have helped build made me feel welcome during this time. Since then I have been able to find who I truly am and now have a spiritual family to support me in my trials and ventures. I realize now that I didn’t chose this path but the path chose me and Juan and Maria made this difficult path so much easier! Thank you!!

  • Jorge Reyes

    Very happy to be with them. These people know how to use these medicines properly, they take care of you while you are in that connection and of course it is an exaggeratedly comfortable environment.

  • Dustin

    Amazing experiences with this group and recommend Aya Cona to anyone who wants to safely go DEEP with plant medicines.

  • Vivian Ingrid

    I am forever grateful to have found these sacred medicines and amazing practitioners. My life has transformed in beautiful ways since I began this healing journey and I feel so blessed to be a part of a safe, loving and nurturing community that feels like family to me. I would highly recommend sitting in ceremony with Juan and Maria.

  • Maurva Latson

    I have sat with Aya 3 times in the last 1year 1/2. Maria and Juan helped guide me through the pain of letting go and each time was soo profound. My first ceremony helped me to clear my addiction to alcohol. My 2nd ceremony helped me let go of my hair and release my inner child wounds. My 3rd most recent ceremony helped me let go of all fears and find my voice. I had been quiet all my life and had a loop in my head “children are to be seen no heard”. I finally was able to release that and with that releasing and the gentle care from Juan and Maria I have filled the hole in me that I thought was missing. I also quit my addiction to daily smoking weed after this last ceremony and I had been smoking it since I was 14 years old. I am no longer afraid to show myself to the world and use my voice. The magic is inside of me. I am Whole. Plant medicine ia such a great tool put on this planet for us to use to heal and become who we are truly to BE.
    I am forever grateful to Maria and Juan and all of the helpers during ceremony. I have transcended and there’s no going back!

    1. Amazing ceremony and amazing people, they walked me through my healing process and made my experience pleasant. I loved the energy and the people I met. Definitely looking forward to have more experiences and healing with this medicine.

    2. Juan and Maria are excellent. I felt loved and cared for. As my first experience, everything was explained well and I felt guided through the experience. I look forward to doing this again with them.

      Rebecca and Jo cared for us all and made us feel welcome and loved.

  • Brent Borel

    I have sat with Ayacona numerous times over the last 3 years. Their ceremony is full of amazing healing and music. A great healing for those in need and a wonderful celebration for those that have been on the path for a bit.

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