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1 reviews
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  • Steve and Teri are wonderful people and took great care of our group.

    Their Ayahuasca was POWERFUL and HEALING!!

    My experience with Aya Quest and the weekend ceremony was and continues to be, one of the most profound journeys I’ve undertaken. It’s one of those events that will be uniquely different for everyone who engages it and not easily articulated until fully processed. I came away from it more aware of the present, less distracted by the past, better focused on the future.
    The leadership and staff are dedicated to the presentation of a safe, comfortable and meaningful experience while honoring the history and origins of one of nature’s most powerful medicines.
    This isn’t something to undertake without doing your due-diligence and to approach with utmost seriousness. Anything less would be disrespectful and I don’t recommend dissing mother-nature.

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