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  • The most amazing experience of my life! I felt connected to the whole group. The entire time was filled with love, compassion and understanding. My experience went beyond all my expectations! The music was visceral. My heart opened wide. I’m brought to tears again by just typing this. I want Bird Song’s team in my life forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🤗

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    To say that my weekend here changed my life is a real understatement.

    I came here as a last resort to suicide.
    I have been struggling with drug addiction and indescribable depression most of my adult life.

    I left last month feeling that the weight of it all left me, feeling like my true self for the very first time in my life. I have had a second chance at life and I owe it all to this center for providing such incredible support, safety and non judgment holding me through it all.

    Krysta’s voice held me in love and protection as I forgave myself in my most darkest places.

    Being outdoors, being held by nature, being held by the team of selfless souls who I knew truly cared for me in every way, I’ve never felt so safe in my entire life.

    Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I’ve never felt so free in my entire life.

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    I first attended Bird Song in May 2022. I went back in July 2022. I will be here a lot. Everything is perfect. Miracles take place here. Love and Truth is what you will find 🙂 So much gratitude for everyone here, never felt so safe.

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    I have now attended three ceremonies with this group, all of them revealing something new for me to focus on. All three have shed new light of my spiritual journey of self discovery. The medicine seems to work best when I feel safe and loved, and that is certainly the case at with the group of facilitators at Birdsong Visions. I feel that they do an excellent job of screening the participants to ensure the proper fit for this type of ceremony. It is very important to be around people you can trust as the experience includes a lot of group sharing of backgrounds,experiences, and empathy. Its a scared container. I have become a much more compassionate person with the help of my fellow participants.

    The space itself is comfortable and it felt like home; every thing was well prepared and lovingly set-up. And then there is the music! Krysta’s voice and clear, guiding messages and guitar accompanied by other instrumentalists was astounding. Powerful and gentle, grounding and liberating, calm and exhilarating. The drumming and didgeridoo playing vibrated my spine in a most fascinating way. I never cried and smiled so much or felt so much love from the people around me. The medicine was just right, and helped me confirm that I am on the right path to strengthen my love and compassion. The nearly equal mix of men and women who participated not only sat together but formed a bond of trust making our shared experiences and thoughts powerful in this completely safe place.

    The surroundings were perfect, quiet, and natural held outside under a large tent with quiet indoor space as well. The geodesic dome is truly a magical place. Some brought their own tents to sleep in, some slept in the ceremony space. We were provided healthy food, water, and a fire to gather around after ceremony. I truly felt the love and caring of the facilitators and everyone else participating. The Ayahuascha dose, for me, was just right and brought me to clarity on a number of personal issues. I also participated in the Huachuma ceremony on Sunday that just stripped all the protective armor from my heart and let me really feel both the pain and joy of life again. I cried and laughed and felt the love flow through me. This intense and wonderful experience lasted all day and into the night complementing the divine feminine Ayahuasca experience with a masculine energy empowering me to put my new inner knowledge into outward actions. Forever in gratitude to these medicines and all the facilitators.

    Above all was the personal sharing we all provided to each other connecting us in the common family of humanity. I saw, heard, and felt the pain and joys of my siblings there sitting around the fire. The continuing integration zoom calls are also really helpful. These are powerful healing medicines brought to you by experienced, caring people .

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    Great team of people ensuring a positive experience! I enjoyed every aspect of my weekend here.

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