Casa de Cascada- NEXT RETREAT APRIL/MAY 2024

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5 Reviews on “Casa de Cascada- NEXT RETREAT APRIL/MAY 2024”

5 reviews
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  • Christine Alejandro Listing Owner

    A wonderful experience. Thank you!!

  • It’s so interesting what can happen when you surrender all of the attempts to micromanage every life decision and just get out of the way. That’s exactly how I found Christine. I am a seeker, and when I started living my true nature AS a seeker, I found. I prayed, “God, transform me when the time is right” and I let Him/Her/It do the rest. And the transformation continues…

    If you’ve stumbled upon this review, maybe the time is right for you or will be in the near future. All I can say is that if you’re looking to raise your vibrational state to the next level and start living life again; if you’re tired of the pain, the depression, the anxiety, the addictions that have been crippling you, just reach out and see what happens. You have nothing else to lose. There is a different path out there, but it will take work. Christine knows what she’s doing and I don’t think you’ll find a more trustworthy companion to guide you on your journey back to health and happiness. She somehow manages to de-center her ego from the experience and allows the Source, the medicine, to do its work. If you’re anything like me, you may just find some lifelong friends in the process.

    Best $400 I’ve ever had to part ways with…hands down!

    1. Christine Alejandro Listing Owner

      Thank you Benjamin! We loved having you as part of our retreat! You were an amazing asset to the group! I can’t wait to see how you evolve from this point forward!!

  • The facts I had absorbed about these journeys and their effects from books, lectures, and docuseries turned out to be totally accurate. Yet, no amount of academic learning can prepare you for the truly mystical experience of discovering who you are.

    Seeing is believing. When your whole life is laid in front of you, there is so much meaning to be found.

    I watched people seemingly heal from deep traumas overnight. They gained insight that would normally take years of therapy to even touch. No one can ever deny me the truths that I witnessed of the healing power of these journeys.

    All of my senses are awakened. My mental chatter has cleared.

    The quality truly exceeded the price. The accommodations were comfortable and inspiring. The property is large and sits on the edge of a peaceful body of water. The activities were meaningful and flowed easily. They didn’t overdo it or underdo it. I felt very safe and at home.

    The organizers followed up with me throughout the week following to ensure I was settling in well and knew I was cared for.

    Thank you to all of the organizers. You didn’t save my life – you saved my SOUL!

    1. Christine Alejandro Listing Owner

      Thank you Healthier Heather! It was wonderful having you with us! Your energy was such a good fit to the experience and in the integration! As you know, this process is ongoing and includes body, mind and spirit. I leave you with blessings of growth and renewal, which, like the caterpillar into a butterfly comes with its own uncomfortableness and struggle, but is all worth it in the end! Much love and light to you!

  • I have one words to express how amazing this retreat was. Very professional and therapeutic setting. She is insightful, listens thoughtfully and provides amazing feedback. Felt comfortable to share and participate with everyone in the retreat. Dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. She has a way of guiding you through breakthroughs that you see the light when you need and have done the work. She works with many different treatments. I felt the weight of the world lifted from my soul. So blessed to have access to this treatment to help me through my journey.

    1. Christine Alejandro Listing Owner

      Beautiful soul Claudia, you have struggled so much and as I watched the weight of those struggles and the false stories lifted from your shoulders, your eyes became bigger and brighter and you shone out into the Universe as truths were revealed to you! You are not alone, there are many who care deeply about you and those that you perceive don’t care, only need more silent, eternal love poured into them. In the end, you are the only one that matters and your higher Self loves you and accepts you deeply. There is no separation!

  • The facilitator expertly guided the participants through the ceremony. I felt very safe and looked after. The insight I gained was more than I’ve ever experienced in any other ceremony. The ambiance the facilitator created was far above what I expected. A feeling of letting go and complete calm overcame me. I’m very thankful to the facilitator for making this retreat special for each and every participant.

    1. Christine Alejandro Listing Owner

      We strive to create a beautiful, peaceful set and setting with each participant, starting way before the ceremony begins with preparation instructions and meetings to help build a meaningful question or intention and a matching mantra depending on the individual. We explain that even though you may have set an intention, you have an inner healer that is more intelligent than all of us put together who may show you something different, but trust that your inner healer knows exactly what you need. I am so happy that you felt lighter and look forward to seeing you in another ceremony in the future!

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