Church of the Sacred Womb

Integration & Aftercare Kambo/Sapo Plant Medicine Sound Healing

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    Very strong shields and intentions,

    These facilitators are sure to honor the spirit of the medicine and deeply guide their participants.

    While there’s quite a few questions to answer during screening and they go deep into instruction this only reaffirms how important they hold this work and care about the people they hold space for.

    I have not seen desecration of the plants in fact they deeply revere the medicine and bring in indigenous peoples for medicines that go deeper than their own work can take them.

    The only ceremonial space in Texas I’ve felt deep right relation in.

    My only suggestion and wish is that their ceremonies weren’t all so close together for other participants, I know they are so in demand and wish for them more spaciousness to drop even deeper because their medicine is sooo powerful.

    Imagining if they had more spaciousness for divine rest, although with a name like sacred womb it is a wonder that there could ever be a moment of much rest! That Galactic Yoni just keeps on going!

    Grateful for the clarity and intention in this setting, these facilitators take themselves to their edge to be able to guide others in a way of right relation in a day like today.

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