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4 reviews
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  • I’m grateful to have connected with TOSW community soon after landing in the Austin area in 2020. I was immediately drawn to the leader’s reverence for natural rhythms and patterns and how those energies weave in with the medicines. After getting to know the facilitators over many months, I was called to participate in ceremony. The experience was community based and unlike any I’d ever experienced and for which I’m still integrating now over 2 years later.

    A few months later, I opened to receive a trilogy of Kambo ceremonies in a lunar cycle and was led through each one with extraordinary attention to detail and holding of the sacred container. The facilitators opened each ceremony with shamanic prayer and setting clear boundaries for the container. They offered sananga, then kambo, followed by hape in each ceremony. That work opened a powerful energetic portal that has been supported by opportunities to participate in other community events and gatherings where personal connections are made and ideas are inspired. I’ve participated in one additional kambo ceremony and they will be my first choice for any future medicine work that I’m called to.

    I hold a high level of respect for the integrity of this Temple and organization and its approach to the work which is exceptional and sets a standard for all others serving medicine. They also organize ceremonies with tribal healers and respect the work enough to understand what medicines are appropriate for them to serve and which are best reserved for those healers who have spent a lifetime in the work.

  • Women’s circles:
    This are every Wednesday and so so beautiful. They are $10 donations and cacao and 3+ hours and have Oracle cards and such beautiful people and shares and I really really love going to them :❤️

    Clementine: she’s really good at creating gorgeous warm spaces with lots of pillows and blankets and making sure everyone is warm with space heaters, she makes spaces so beautiful with decorations and offerings and is really knowledgeable about the history of cacao and has spent a lot of time in Columbia with tribes there. She is also one of the most knowledgeable people I know about hapé and has spent time with the kuntanawa tribe and really thoughtful about integration and space holding. She studied Kambo with Tribal Detox, who I really trust for kambo. She’s also studied feng shui and you can really feel it in the spaces. I’m so grateful. Something too is she is really good about cleaning up spaces and helping make sure you have all your items and if I lend anything to her I know she is good to return it. I really like her a lot.

    Astra: I’m beyond words inspired by her and she’s done vision quests and has a close relationship with the Katanawa tribe. Her connection too to her Native American roots paired with her shamanic knowledge is really special and beautiful. I always hear her talking really positively about others and shares from a really beautiful space. She’s also really good about money, when I’ve paid for hapé and gave extra because she brought up and that was really nice. She studied kambo with tribal detox so I trust her for kambo too.

    If you’re in Austin I highly recommend them and felt very safe and grow a lot at their events , they were also really friendly when I brought a new friend 🙂💜

    I haven’t sat in a visionary ceremony with them yet, if I ever felt called to bufo they would be my first choice since they focus so much on comfort and feng shui, especially since they offer integrations after

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  • Very strong shields and intentions,

    These facilitators are sure to honor the spirit of the medicine and deeply guide their participants.

    While there’s quite a few questions to answer during screening and they go deep into instruction this only reaffirms how important they hold this work and care about the people they hold space for.

    I have not seen desecration of the plants in fact they deeply revere the medicine and bring in indigenous peoples for medicines that go deeper than their own work can take them.

    The only ceremonial space in Texas I’ve felt deep right relation in.

    My only suggestion and wish is that their ceremonies weren’t all so close together for other participants, I know they are so in demand and wish for them more spaciousness to drop even deeper because their medicine is sooo powerful.

    Imagining if they had more spaciousness for divine rest, although with a name like sacred womb it is a wonder that there could ever be a moment of much rest! That Galactic Yoni just keeps on going!

    Grateful for the clarity and intention in this setting, these facilitators take themselves to their edge to be able to guide others in a way of right relation in a day like today.

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