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    Ceremony Location

    The team at Cosmic Tree of Life genuinely care about those who come there seeking healing and self-exploration. The location at the lake offers beautiful views and serene atmosphere. Highly recommended for those who look for a great spiritual retreat in the Midwest.

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    I have attended 2 sacred ceremonial retreats so far at beautiful Cosmic Tree of Life. Both times, I was completely and blissfully immersed in the incredible, all-encompassing experience that one is offered there!

    The setting, located in the deep, north woods, alongside a glacial-crystal lake, the wildlife, the perfectly outfitted cabins and sacred ceremonial space, all lend a magical quality to everything.

    The ceremonial leaders were incredible, providing not just the illuminating inner expereinces I was seeking, but also deep, ancient wisdom and a sense of inclusion to these sacred secrets, usually unknown to most of our human population!

    The facilitators provided so much comforting, loving assistance, and many helpful modalities for enhancing the experience during ceremony and into everyday life. I felt very loved and well-supported throughout the experiences!

    All in all, this is a comprehensive, excellent container for your first – or your hundredth – sacred Ayahuasca and other Plant Teachers experience.

    I 100% recommend Cosmic Tree of Life and encourage everyone to go and experience there!

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    The amount of professionalism, dedication, and simply love for people the team at Cosmic Tree of Life has is second to none. The setting is under the canopy of the vast milky way in the northern Wisconsin wilderness that really brings you back to nature and back to yourself. I want to personally thank all of the facilitators once again. For the first time in my life I have absolutely zero anxiety. I am forever grateful to you and to all who participated and provided their love along the way.

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    Ceremony Location

    Everything stated in the description is 100% accurate. Not only is it a beautiful location as other reviewers have described, the accommodations were also very comfortable. The host and the ceremony leaders were very knowledgeable and caring. The love for the work they do is really palpable. My time there was an amazing experience in every way.

  • The team at Cosmic Tree of Life are amazing. They genuinely care about every single person and go above and beyond to make sure participants are comfortable and safe. The retreat sits on a beautiful lake, the accommodations are a true northern Wisconsin feel, and the ceremony area sets you in the right state of mind for accepting the plant medicines. The facilitators were absolutely wonderful and help you get the most out of the experience.
    You will leave there loving every one of the team and your fellow participants.

  • Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location. Top notch experience from start to finish. Everything was handled with elegance and respect. If your looking for a wonderful place to find love and healing, this is the spot.

  • I had a great experience and can’t wait to do it again. It is a beautiful place, the hosts are friendly and inviting, and the ceremonies were mind blowing.

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