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  • I want to say that I have sat in several ceremonies with Ranko Meraya and I believe he is very skilled at what he does, he is compassionate and holds a beautiful container.

    I witnessed the care and attention Shaun gave as I was right next to someone that needed it all night. Shaun worked so incredibly hard to help, and much of my own journey was filled with witnessing his love and attention as he tried to ease this person’s experience. It was apparent that some deep shadow stuff was being worked on, and I was worried. Indeed, this person’s experience presented a very difficult challenge to the holder of the container, who not only was responsible for this person’s safety and wellbeing, but for all of us present. I thought that Shaun did remarkably well at that task and he neglected no one in the space. At times, I wondered how he could even manage this person’s pain and torment, while still providing a supportive and attentive space for the rest of us. We all had the same medicine, served with the same cup, and the rest of us were ok, so it was good medicine.

    Point is, Shaun is the real deal, and he holds a container like a professional. He is totally respectful, honorable and authentic, and he really didn’t deserve to be trashed in this way. I would also very much recommend him to anyone who wishes to work with the medicine in the Shipibo tradition.

    —Joe S.

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