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Divine Mother Awakening Psychedelic Ceremonies


3 Reviews on “Divine Mother Awakening Psychedelic Ceremonies”

3 reviews
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  • Lynetta creates the perfect environment for an amazing journey. She thinks of everything. The setting and ceremony were comforting and grounding. She intuitively knew what I needed throughout the journey, whether it was space, comfort, humor or processing. Her aftercare was gentle and integrative. She’s like a divine earth mother.

  • Lynetta is incredibly intuitive and follows her heart when guiding you through your journey. Allowing for spirit and the plant medicine to do the transformative work while she holds space to allow for you to have the experience that you are meant to go on. She is a wise divine mother and anyone who has the honor to work with her will be much blessed.

    1. Lynetta helped me go through all the hard stuff in myself and really examine who I am and what I want.
      Once I learned these things, I was able to find the Divinity in myself.
      It’s absolutely amazing and the best feeling I’ve ever felt my entire life.

  • Lynetta has so much knowledge and expertise in plant, mind, body, and SOUL healing. Everything we did during the ceremony was intentional and powerful. During the healing session Lynetta knew exactly what to do or what I needed. I felt so safe stepping into my power with her guidance right by my side. If you’re looking to go down a plant healing journey I highly recommend Lynetta! You will truly have an eye opening experience that just might change your life for the better.

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