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4 reviews
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  • Mira and Alex provided a serene space where I was able to confront profound emotional scars that had eluded healing despite decades of therapeutic and spiritual work. Through their compassionate guidance and empathetic presence, I was able to shed layers of self-defense, allowing me to open myself to vulnerability and embrace the divine light that permeates our existence. To these two radiant souls and the mystical journey they facilitated, I will be forever grateful.

  • Mira and Alex were the most gracious hosts you could ask for. I felt completely at ease, comfortable, and safe. After having a cup of tea and setting my intentions, I drank the tea, and we had a guided meditation. The journey was absolutely amazing. I had grief to process, and my questions were answered throughout the journey. I highly recommend the experience with Mira and Alex. You will not be disappointed.

  • I want to thank both Mira and Alex for their dedication that they have in the spirit of service. It took a lot of work and devotion to build a remarkable space for others benefit. The space holds a lot more than is seen by the eyes. I will not reveal my own experience with the medicine. All I will say is it was an informative revelation for me alone. I will admit that I was nervous going in. Alex helped a lot with that. Mira gives the structure and brings completeness. She checks all the boxes to make sure to be thorough. So you are going to be taken care of.

  • I am an Army veteran as well as a retired police officer with 25 years of service. To say that I am generally apprehensive is putting it mildly. Mira and Alex, from the moment I arrived, made me feel welcomed and safe. I was sure that I was in the hands of experienced, empathetic, and compassionate guides. The experience was completely mind blowing, in all the best ways, and they both simultaneously gave me space and assistance as I required. They both easily conveyed to me that I was their only concern in the world. After my experience, we talked for several hours, including dinner and a lovely neighborhood walk. I cannot recommend the experience enough, and I simply couldn’t imagine my first experience with anyone else.

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