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2 reviews
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  • I have attended other ceremonies & while not fancy, this was by far my favorite. Santo Daime is a beautiful religion that has been rooted in Brazil for almost 100 years. It’s also donation based so no need to spend hundreds of dollars to work with this beautiful medicine. If you are close to Central Florida, I wholeheartedly recommend scheduling a ceremony here!

  • I’ve attended quite a few Ayahuasca ceremonies, and this was probably one of the best – a profoundly enlightening experience. I felt like my highest self and completely free. My intuition was at its peak, and I felt at one with everyone around me. I’m definitely looking forward to doing this again. At first, I was skeptical and didn’t know what to expect since it was so affordable to attend and had a more organic setup without all the bells and whistles. But by the end of the ceremony, I saw how beautiful this place is. I’m truly grateful that this organization is making Ayahuasca accessible to everyone.

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