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  • I can not recommend this group enough! They go above and beyond with their work, I felt so safe and welcome they truly show their care and support for everyone that they meet. This was my first time sitting with the medicine and I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else, I felt so safe and as if I was exactly where I needed to be. It felt more like I was part of their family and they were more then accommodating to each and everyone’s needs. There was so much love for one another I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. This has truly been one of the best experiences of my life and the whole staff at Gaian rhythm deserves all the stars this site has to offer because the care doesn’t just stop there it continues after and that means so much to me because it makes me feel like more then just a paycheck. If your looking for a place to go then these are the people you want to sit with. I truly appreciate everything that they have done and all that they continue to do for anyone that’s looking for true healing. I did not expect to be so amazed by how these retreat had transpired and I am so glad that I was able to share it with this amazing group. Much love to Gaian Rhythm and my new found butterfly family. If you want to sit with the medicine then these are the people you want to guide and support you through the process. Thank you for this transformative experience and guidance hatching me out of my cocoon and into a whole new appreciation for life.🫶🦋

  • What an incredible weekend! It was my first time, and the experience was truly amazing. Drew and Stormie were outstanding, and the staff provided exceptional care. I’ve never felt so catered to. The thoughtful intentions behind the weekend really shine through! I would highly recommend going with Gaian Rhythm!

  • I have attended two of Gaian Rythm’s 3 day – weekend retreats. .I felt safe, supported and cared for during each plant medicine ceremony. The accomodations were both comfortable and beautiful, perfect setting for such a sacred experience. The food is spectacular, delicious and healthy which is a beautiful support as we do our healing work. For each retreat Gaian Rythm had a support team of unique, kind, compassionate and heart centered facilitators that made the experience something very special. Each time I have attended a retreat, I have left with a bigger family. Thank you Drew and Stormie for creating a safe and loving space for individuals to heal!

  • I have been on several retreats with different groups, but I think I’ve found my favorite with Gaian Rhythm! I may be leaving a few people out, but Drew, Stormie, Kate, Teddy, and Dave are so genuine and supportive. I truly felt safe with everyone in this space the entire time. The ceremonies are beautifully conducted, and I can’t wait to go back!
    Although I love my vegetables, I have also always been a big meat eater. I found it so refreshing to take a break from that with the vegan menu. Dave and the rest of the kitchen staff are very talented, and their food is so very delicious! I have found myself eating less meat, because I see it can be done without feeling my diet is lacking.
    I would recommend Gaian Rhythm to anyone feeling called to sit with Mother Aya. I have signed up for my 3rd retreat with Gaian Rhythm, because each experience has brought me such new and profound understandings in my life. I’m just so appreciative of Drew’s medicine and the time and energy they spend to create this magical experience for us. It is truly transformative. I have met many wonderful people along the way that I still keep in touch with which is also so cool. Thank you Pachamama for Ayahuasca, and thank you Gaian Rhythm!

  • I had my first meeting with Aya through Gaian Rhythm and with the aid of Drew, Stormie and the other facilitators it was a life changing experience for the better.

    In our group of 30, I happened to be the one that went into full panic and paranoia mode. And the facilitators were very caring and supportive. They were so respectful and made me feel so safe that I was able to finish that first ceremony and find the answers I needed amongst the chaos in my mind. The next ceremony went deeper and the last ceremony I found understanding and clarification. I would not have been able to do this without the wisdom and careful guidance of Drew, Stormie and the facilitators.

    I also deeply appreciate how attuned they were to the group by carefully and respectfully providing assistance when needed and without judgment so we could successfully complete our journey.

    I have to add that the location and food were excellent and I’m planning my next visit with Aya, only with Gaian Rhythm.

  • I had a incredibly powerful, life-changing experience with Gaian Rhythm and cannot say enough good things about them.

    Prior to ceremony, I was in a very low place in my life, having struggled with crippling depression and anxiety for the better part of the last decade. Just getting there and interacting with others was difficult. However, I was quickly put at ease by the kindness of their staff as well as their guests. It quickly became evident that these were good people and that set a positive tone for the weekend.

    The location was an incredible, secluded property with generous, comfortable accommodations. The food was healthy and delicious—I found myself wishing I could eat like that all the time.

    As for the ceremonies themselves, I was in awe of Drew’s ability to connect with the group. Through singing icaros, ambient sounds, playing various instruments, and an uncanny ability to read the room, we were provided the perfect environment to take a personal journey.

    Due to prior personal issues, the ceremonies were challenging for me at times, but I always felt safe and well-cared for by their facilitators and they were always available if I wanted to talk. Plus, one of them would always make my bed when I got up, which was a nice touch.

    The integration support afterward was outstanding. There are 2 initial sessions specific to each group, as well as an ongoing weekly meeting open to all previous attendees. I had some difficulty and was given some extra one on one integration support, which was tremendously helpful in the weeks afterwards.

  • I have participated in 2 retreats with Gaian Rhythm in 2023 and planning another this spring. My short review is, “Life Changing.” “These people are beautiful and amazing.”

    But, I’ll take a moment and break down why:

    One of the standout aspects of Gaian Rhythm was the comfort they provided throughout the entire retreat. The accommodations are comfortable with clean rooms that allowed for a peaceful night’s sleep. The retreat lodging itself is nestled in the heart of nature, offering a serene and rejuvenating environment that perfectly complemented the transformative experience. Their lodging and nature based settings are pure luxury …..& I’ve seen some things in other setting…… LUXORY & COMFORT. They even give you a thick, fluffy mat with super clean sheets and blankets. It’s comfortable.

    Another highlight of Gaian Rhythm was the absolutely delicious food that was provided. Every meal was a culinary delight, prepared with love, care & intention. The menu was diverse, catering to various dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring that everyone felt nourished and satisfied. The food truly added an extra layer of enjoyment to the retreat experience.

    What truly sets Gaian Rhythm apart is their commitment to fostering a strong sense of community. The facilitators and staff created an inclusive environment where everyone felt heard, understood, and supported. The group discussions and sharing circles were deeply held and allowed for deep connections to be formed. It is incredibly empowering.

    Safety was also a top priority at Gaian Rhythm. The facilitators were highly experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring that every step of the journey was carefully guided. The integration process was comprehensive & led by professionals with ample time and resources dedicated to helping us process and make sense of our experiences & providing a plan. It was comforting to know that we were in capable hands throughout the entire retreat. They also have plenty of facilitator to guest ratio and ensuring everyone is safe in and out of ceremony.

    What truly impressed me about Gaian Rhythm was the personable demeanor and down-to-earth nature towards everyone involved. The facilitators were approachable, genuine, and created a safe space where vulnerability was encouraged. It was evident that they truly believed in the power of the ayahuasca experience and were dedicated to helping each individual on their personal journey. They were open to questions and great conversations. Everyone has a good sense of humor, but knows when to keep it real, bring empathy and care.

    Even after the retreat ended, Gaian Rhythm continued to provide ongoing support. They offered integration tools, weekly online groups, resources, and a community platform where participants could connect and share their experiences. This post-retreat support continued to be invaluable, ensuring that the transformational process could continue long after leaving the retreat and ensured that’s where the real magic happened. They prepared you for returning to the world and set us up for success.

    Gaian Rhythm is exceptional. They go above and beyond in every aspect. Grateful to this group of people doing the work from their hearts. Their love for Ayahuasca and serving others is clear. No one is perfect and we are all multifaceted on the healING journey. No one is healED. I love GR for that and just being people navigating these meat suits through the world trying to find our way back home.

    1. Before attending a retreat with Gaian Rhythm I sat in ceremony numerous times in Colombia. My friend who introduced me to Ayahuasca had partaken the medicine in both Peru and Colombia. Colombia being closer I chose to attend ceremony there and my experience was life changing. I returned to Colombia multiple times and was able receive insight and healing that words cannot describe. The medicine, location and Shaman made the experience unbelievable. When I saw Gaian Rhythm was serving medicine locally in the USA, they had some “big shoes to fill” to compare with my previous experiences. I signed up for one of their weekend retreats and hoped for the best not knowing the Shaman or the quality of the medicine. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by my experience. Gaian Rhythm exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Hands down the best medicine I’ve ever had!! The ceremony that Drew and Stormie provided was nothing less than magical. The location was beautiful, accommodations were comfortable and the food was amazing! So much thought and love was put into creating a safe environment and enjoyable experience for all. In addition to Drew and Stormie there were multiple facilitators to help participants through their journeys in every possible way. The Icaros and music that was played was during ceremony was beautiful. Both Drew and Stormie sing during ceremony which was a spiritual experience in itself. Definitely a highlight of the whole experience in my opinion! Needless to say, my experience was exactly what I was hoping for and more. I’ve since returned for another weekend retreat and am looking forward to sit in ceremony with Gaian Rhythm again soon. If you’re looking for a safe and transformative experience, look no further. Gaian Rhythm is the real deal!

  • I traveled a great distance to sit with Gaian Rhythm. It was worth every mile. I have experience in medicine ceremonies, and my experience with them was one of my best weekends in my journey thus far. Drew was a professional, and I could feel how much work he puts into his preparation. His ceremony has a “rythym” I was able to connect with, and allowed me to experience the medicine in a unique way. For me, the most important aspect of any ceremony is the medicine itself. It was beautiful all weekend.
    Stormie helped ground me into the 3D throughout the weekend. She is a real person, who speaks like a human being. It is refreshing in a time many people speak from the same recycled script they believe you want to hear.
    I don’t want a star seed at the altar. I want someone I can relate to. And that’s the energy Stormie brings.
    Although I felt I could reach out to them after ceremony, I didn’t. I know they are adults, like myself, with a life full of responsibilities. You know, the real ceremony. I came for guidance and introspection, and I received this in abundance.
    I have and continue to refer friends and family to Gaian Rhythm, and look forward to sitting with them again someday!

  • I have sat with Gaian Rythm for 3 week long retreats and 2 weekend retreats. I wanted to go to Peru but this was far more feasible and I am thankful for what Drew and Stormie offer here locally. Each and every experience with them offered me the ability to clear away a multitude of traumas that I was unaware of. The facilitators have always made me feel taken care of and helped me process my experiences without telling me how to interpret them.
    The food always came tasty and fresh and they do their best to go the extra mile for restricted diets.
    The ceremonies are sacred and so beautifully orchestrated. The camaraderie amongst the participants are nothing short of compassionate and authentic.
    It’s not your love and light false pretense of a retreat. It’s hard work and everyone comes as they are and leaves a little bit better.
    I have brought my daughter ( who is my heart) to share in Drew’s Medicine. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all that Drew,Stormie and their team bring to us and for us. The rest is on us to do. I Thank all of Gaian Rythm for the support during retreat and the friendships made as well as the ongoing integration after that they offer. What they have created is needed.

  • My experience with Gaian Rhythm was extremely positive! All the facilitators greeted me with open arms and big smiles and were extremely kind throughout the gathering. Drew was properly trained as an Ayahuasquero and has a maestro in Peru. He clearly loves and respects the medicine and acquires his medicines with consent from the people and the land which is comes from. Stormie is very kind and wants to spread her knowledge of the cosmos. Kate was extremely sweet as an integration specialist and there are integration zoom calls weekly following the ceremony. There was an integration circle almost every day in which folks were invited to share their experiences. The kitchen crew was stellar and went to great lengths to make sure everyone was well fed with delicious food. Teddy was diligently committed to setting up, maintaining and taking down the space. He even went around and folded everyone’s blankets daily!
    Accommodations were beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in a retreat and we each had our own beds inside a very comfortable heated house. As for the ceremony itself I have never felt safer in an ayahuasca setting and was able to sit with the amount of Medicine of my choosing and accomplished much healing!

  • I had very little experience with holistic healing in any form and none with ceremonial psychedelic experiences and I’m so glad my Gaian Rythm was my introduction. Drew, Stormie and their team of facilitators are all incredibly dedicated to what they do. I have attended 3 retreats with Gaian Rythm and can’t think of any reason to try any other. They attention to detail and the way they make everyone feel welcomed , safe and inclusive (even an an old asshole like me. Lol). I would recommend them and have to anyone.

  • It is really hard for me to put into words how I feel about this organization and these people, but I will try my best.
    I have never felt fully accepted in my life until I was at the retreat. I was immediately greeted with warmth and good energy and I felt a sense of safeness the entire time that I have always longed for.
    I am an incredibly shy person and I went alone, and not ONCE did I feel excluded, if I wasn’t talking to another person in my group a facilitator would talk to me.
    I learned a lot about myself that weekend and I couldn’t have done it without GaianRhythm. I attended in April of 2023 and Kate still reaches out to me to check in and see how I am doing. Dale cooked AMAZING vegan food to accommodate me the entire weekend. & Bishop!! Bishop helped me SO much. I am so happy Bishop was there to help me. I spent a lot of time with him and he brought me comfort when I was missing my puppies.
    Overall, I would absolutely recommend this organization to anyone who needs healing. I am very far from where I want to be but before Gaian Rhythm there was no light in the tunnel of life for me, now there is. I see it everyday.
    Thank you so much.

  • My experience with Gaian Rythyms was very deep and beautiful. I personally left the retreat early on my own accord due to my experience with Aya and personal reasons. I had to face very dark places of myself that I had denied my whole life. My experience was intense but Stormie and Drew took the time to talk with me about my experience and gave me encouragement for my continued healing. I hope that when people read negative comments, they understand it comes from a place of anger not love. I plan to go on another retreat one day with Drew and Stormie and recommend them to my family and friends. For me the food was amazing, the group of people were humble and wanting to heal and the ceremony was nothing but beautifully amazing.
    In response to the negative post on here, nobody can heal your wounds but you. Sounds like you have much healing to go through when it comes to your ego and experiences you’ve gone through. Sending love and healing to you.

  • I attended a week-long retreat this past fall (2023), it was a life-changing experience for me!!! Drew, Stormie, and all the facilitators made me feel welcome and safe!! I met so many wonderful people! I am looking forward to my next retreat with Gaian Rhythm 🙂

  • I’ve participated two retreats with Gaian Rhythms and both have been empowering and transformative experiences. Stormie and Drew’s respect for the medicine and genuine care for the participants shows in every aspect of the ceremony. They create a sacred container by setting ground rules and holding space for everyone to share their intentions. During the ceremony I felt safe, seen and free to tune into my own experience while knowing there were kind and competent facilitator to ask for help when I needed to. The icaros were absolutely beautiful, the food was delicious, and the insights Stormie and Drew shared throughout the process helped jumpstart the integration process. They are truly creating a vibrant community!

  • I have participated in two weekend ceremonies with Gaian Rhythm, one in Joshua Tree, and the other in Michigan and I was wildly impressed both times. I’ve never heard Drew or Stormie refer to themselves as shamans, though I would definitely say that Drew is, even if he doesn’t say so himself. He knows the traditional icaros, and sings them in ceremony. I’ve encountered others who clearly take advantage of people wanting to embark on the plant medicine path, but that is not Drew and Stormy. I’m convinced that they are in this to truly help bring healing to the world. I’m sure there are differences from if one were to participate in a retreat in Peru (the inclusion of chimes and singing bowls, for example), but the core ceremony is potent. There were several facilitators at each retreat, more than enough to help anyone who needed it, and they were all friendly and helpful. There were daily integration sessions at each retreat, and I’m impressed that there are ongoing integration calls every week. Drew and Stormy both know the importance of this. The food was plentiful and excellent. Overall, the retreats were safe spaces filled with honesty, rawness, laughter, tears, compassion, love, and healing.

  • I have been to 3 retreats with Gaian Rhythm and they have been one of my favorite retreats. I’ve sat in many other ceremonies now and would reccomend Gaian Rhythm as one of the best. From the moment you arrive you feel cared for and loved. The spaces they use are beautiful, the medicine and style of ceremonies is perfect. I always felt cared for and safe. I plan to attend more of thier retreats in the future

  • I’m so glad that I’ve finally found a safe place to Review and let the public know about these “facilitators” —! When I say “HIGHLY” that is In Bold Capital letters for intensity when I say “DO NOT TRUST DREW AND STORMIE” These people are NOT real Shamans and NOT trained properly and do Not have your best interest at heart. They are in this business for completely WRONG reasons–which is $$$$ Money, Money, Money. They do NOT Care about you individually. They will not treat you fairly, or kindly. They are very self centered, selfish and VULGAR! They rent out Air BnB’s and they STEAL from them! They have causes Such and Uproar in the medicine community and it is Such a disappointment to Humanity to have them claiming to serve the public. They are extremely Neglectful to the people that they are claiming to “help” They claim to provide food and beverages, But they will cut corners and are too lazy to go to the store to serve the people who spent good money to come to get their help. They will show favoritism to certain individuals that cannot SEE THROUGH THEM> They immediately treated me and others indifferent- The people they treat ‘Badly” are the ones who can see through their bullshit. Stormie is EXTREMELY overweight which I do not judge, I say this to make you understand that when you are “enlightened” you are actually VISIBLY “lighter” meaning the connection to source is so strong that you purge and you cleanse your body and your AURA and you SHED that Extra weight. She is a very miserable person Who projects Her Misery upon the Guests and Others around her. She has a VerY DIRTY mouth and Attitude. Drew is basically MIA the entire time, both of them for that matter, They hold ceremonies, they do NOT hold integration themselves or reach out to their guests. I along with a few others from our 30 person group was removed immediately from the group pages and from Drew and Stormies personal pages, because they only Keep Their favorites. I came to their retreat to heal from being born and raised in a cult and they created more problems that I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of their self hate for over a year since I went to them. The lesson I have learned from all this is that Mother AYA is amazing, she will never leave your side. She will show you the truth in people even if it’s the people who served you who are not good true Beings. They are not one with source and it IS VERY APPARANT upon arrival and meeting them. They are not people who you would choose to associate with on a daily basis. They degrade each other and Their Facilitators. They are pure drama and such a shame. The public needs a safe affordable place to heal and these people are causing more damage to people who need help. IT is NOT okay and they need to be stopped. I beg of you please do not trust your life in their hands. You will absolutely regret it if you are in tune with frequencies and vibrations and source. There is no denying of the bad energy that I have had to heal and try to shake for over a year now. I have learned that we are all on our own path and we DO not need others to heal we can do it on our own, But We DO need a SAFE SPACE!! and that safe space IS NOT WITH DREW AND STORMIE!! they have changed their Name for their non profit multiple times to try to run from the damage they have done to others!!!

    1. I totally disagree with your comments about Stormie, Drew and the whole team. I can’t believe you want to spew all this hatred and anger against people that only tried to give you a space to heal. Sounds like you didn’t get much healing done but that’s your fault not theirs. If you actually learned anything from Aya you wouldn’t have posted such hatred. Your perception is yours but you really need to think about what you are posting. Do no harm is a great motto to live by. Sounds like the cult really did a number on you and maybe you got triggered by something during the process of trying to heal, I wish you well in your process but they are great people and I would love to attend all of their ceremonies. Remember Aya wants us to build each other up not tear each other down. Hopefully you will realize this one day. Gaiam Rhythm provides wonderful and beautiful way to heal yourself if you are ready and willing.

    2. My first plant medicine experience was with Drew and Stormie- and it was amazing. I had been researching Rhythmia and so desperately wanted to go- but the universe had other plans and thank God. It was one of the best weeks of my life. I’m going back for another retreat with them in a few months. I cannot wait. Not only was I safe- I was embraced, held and nurtured.

    3. Stormie Lantis Listing Owner

      Hey Audra Ybarra, Stormie here. This listing and your review came to my attention so I guess lets go over it point by point.

      “These people are not real shamans and not properly trained”

      well no one uses the word “shaman” here. Drew is our Ayahuasquero – meaning he has been trained to serve ayahuasca. Which he is absolutely qualified to do. After nearly a decade of sitting with the medicine and assisting in over 100 ceremonies he began training with his maestro in Peru. Spent a few months to start and has continued to go back almost every year and completed 5 dietas. We send our group photos to his Maestro in Peru, who is aware Drew is serving and has approved him to do so.

      “They claim to provide food and beverages, But they will cut corners and are too lazy to go to the store to serve the people who spent good money to come to get their help”

      I genuinely do not know what this is referring to. We spent a fortune on groceries at your retreat and then paid $1,000 to cater a vegan meal from a restaurant an hour away, I will say this though, you attended the very first retreat I ever organized myself, and the first retreat drew and I did together, and alot has changed since then. I know we just had facilitators cooking food then but we now have dedicated kitchen staff.

      “They will show favoritism to certain individuals that cannot SEE THROUGH THEM> They immediately treated me and others indifferent”

      I mean, yeah, some people I just feel more connected to, I think that’s normal. You weren’t one of them because I got a bad feeling about you which turned out to be true because you’ve been 2-faced headache ever since. You were messaging me compliments and praise and saying you wanted to come to another retreat , you actually signed up for another retreat, sent your deposit and everything, but then were also talking trash about us elsewhere…. And when I was given screenshots of your trash talking and multiple people came to me saying “Audra is saying this and Audra is saying that” I blocked you, because I don’t play fake 2-faced games, and you haven’t been allowed to attend a retreat since.

      “Stormie is EXTREMELY overweight which I do not judge, I say this to make you understand that when you are “enlightened” you are actually VISIBLY “lighter” meaning the connection to source is so strong that you purge and you cleanse your body and your AURA and you SHED that Extra weight. She is a very miserable person Who projects Her Misery upon the Guests and Others around her.”

      First of all, for someone whose not judging that seems pretty judgmental. Secondly, what a sick belief. You believe enlightenment is reflected in a persons physical form? That’s silly. First of all, there are images throughout all human history of fat goddesses or even the infamous round bellied Buddha who is the archetype of enlightenment. Im fat and that’s part of my healing journey, I also don’t claim to be enlightened, again, Im not a shaman I don’t even serve the medicine, I organize the retreat and run some workshops. My weight is a reflection of deeper issues that are mine to deal with because nobodies perfect. The difference between my struggle and yours is that mine is visible, that’s all. As for being a miserable person… I’m literally not. Im happier then I’ve ever been, I am grateful to wake up every day and sometimes I find sunsets so beautiful they make me cry. I think you might be projecting. I do swear alot though, Ive been working on that, but I also don’t have an issue with profanity, I don’t believe its “bad” to say “shit” and Again, you came to our FIRST retreat, before we were even “Gaian Rhythm” I was a bit more casual in the beginning. You’re mad because we didn’t let you come back. That’s really what’s happening here. It was 2 years ago and you’re still mad, so whose really miserable?

      “They hold ceremonies, they do NOT hold integration themselves or reach out to their guests.”

      That’s because I’m an not integration specialist nor are we arrogant enough to claim to be qualified to do so. You say we don’t do it ourselves but you left out the part where we HIRED a professional integrationist to have calls with the group. Again, that was the beginning. We now we have an Integration specialist who has a masters in counseling available at all of our retreats who holds calls every week. And I do reach out to the guests on occasion but at this point that’s hundreds of people, I can’t keep up with hundreds of people, but anyone can reach out to me anytime. Occasionally though, I do reach out, and actually, I reached out to you when you were posting about struggling, and I have screenshots to prove it. I have screenshots of all of our conversations because that’s what I do when someone proves themselves to be a dishonest.

      “I along with a few others from our 30 person group was removed immediately from the group pages and from Drew and Stormies personal pages, because they only Keep Their favorites”

      Again, you were causing drama and problems, like you still are. The other 2 people who were removed from your group were for similar reasons.

      “they have changed their Name for their non profit multiple times to try to run from the damage they have done to others!!!”

      We changed our name once… but not really. Drew used to operate on his own under the name “Butterfly medicine” and then after we started dating and working together we wanted to create something else, something more, something that has tours and classes and encompasses a variety of events. And we wanted to honor the cycles of the earth so we created “Gaian Rhythm” which is a collaborate project from the both of us versus the name of his medicine which is the only name he used before.

      I wanted to respond to your post incase anyone finds this review and wonders about its authenticity. I didnt make this safe ceremonies listing and I didnt know about it but I posted the link on Facebook today and asked that if anyone was willing to review us we would appreciate it, so there should be a new reviews from others soon.

      If anyone reads this and has a question about any of it, you can email us or message us on social media anytime and I’ll be happy to answer.

      Hope you find healing Audra, but respectfully, if I haven’t made it clear enough, please leave us alone, I don’t want your drama, enjoy your life.

    4. Drew and Stormie care very much for every single person that seeks them out for plant medicine. I have blessed to attend 3 different retreats. My experience gets pretty dark for me and the facilitators are all around the room and I have never felt so safe and protected. The most loving kind and understanding people I think I have ever come across. Stormie teaches classes about cycles and nature and spirals. It’s pretty amazing. When the plant medicine is working in me, I tend to think people don’t like me , I get in my own head about it. Stormie can bring understanding to physically what is happening in my head but I have to do the work to process it. I trust Don Andre and Stormie with my life and sometimes the advice I get is not what I want to hear but they are not responsible for that. I am.
      By the way, the food is delicious and I felt very nourished my entire time in there. Accommodations are comfortable, clean and the entire experience is worth every single penny. I as a gay man is treated Judy like every other person there. No judgement what do ever. I rainy learn alot form Giain Rhythm and will only sit with them.

  • I’ve been to a week long and 3 day retreat at Gaian Rhythm. Drew, Stormie and the other facilitators are caring and attentive. The ceremonies are great (I have also been to Rythmia.) Drew sings and plays singing bowls and hang drums. Stormie also sings or they play recordings of Drew’s maestro/or medicine music. I love that they have an integration specialist meeting after each retreat and weekly integration zoom meetings with Kate. I felt like integration was a missing ingredient in my Rythmia experience. The retreat locations change- my weeklong was a camping situation (some cabins were available.) The 3 day we all slept in the ceremony space. It lacked privacy but was ok. I would highly recommend!

  • Amazing experience with Gaian Rhythm. So happy I found them. Healing on many levels and strangers became family. Life changing!

    1. Stormie and Drew provide a great environment for healing! I sat with them for 2 ceremonies. I would highly recommend Gaian Rhythm🦋

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