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  • I attended a ceremony in July 2023 at the St. George location. I had been dealing with anxiety and depression for several years. A recent breakup pushed me over the edge and I knew I needed help. I started seeing a psychologist and while this was helpful it just wasn’t enough. He recommended a psychiatrist and anti depressants. I reluctantly agreed but decided to try ayahuasca first in a last ditch effort to avoid big pharma (no stigma to anyone out there on meds!). I turned to Hummingbird Church and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before the ceremony my anxiety and depression floated around a 3-5 out of 10 with peaks at 7-8. After the post ceremony euphoria wore off a few weeks later I’d say I’m at a 2-3 with peaks around 4-6. It was not a cure but dang, I’ve got this now, I can handle this. A few months later and I might actually be happy sometimes ha ha, it’s a weird feeling 🙂

    Mother Aya taught me more about myself, empathy, compassion, and perspective in one weekend than I’d ever been able to figure out on my own. This will help me for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine the path I would have continued down without this. Actually I can because I’d been on that path my entire adult life and, well, there are better paths in life. Success with this requires ongoing self work. That’s maybe the letdown if you’re looking for a one-time one-and-done cure to your problems. I can see that I will need to continue working on myself in perpetuity, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Mother Aya will bring you face to face with your inner demons. She’ll hold up a mirror to your soul. Shit stains and all. She’ll give you the tools to deal with your issues but you have to pick up these tools and use them. I know this sounds like a bunch of hippy bullshit but it’s no joke!

    The location outside of St. George was beautiful. Even without the ceremony the location will bring you down to earth! I paid a little extra to have a semi private room, this meant 5 of us in one room. It was totally fine and I was only in there to sleep. I brought ear muffs to drown out any potential snoring. The meals were incredible and I felt so grateful to have something awesome to eat after following the pre ceremony dietary restrictions.

    I arrived at the site feeling kind of sullen and withdrawn. I brought several books so I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone ha ha. Yeah, I made it about 20 pages through one of them. Everyone, facilitators and participants included, was so nice. Wait, there were 1-2 participants that I didn’t care for but you’ll probably find that in any group of 25 people. Everyone did seem to be there for the right reasons (I didn’t see anyone doing it for the ‘gram). I came away from the weekend with a couple of friends that I still talk to often. It has been nice to exchange words and support each other. There’s also an integration call held every Wednesday night. I’ve been on a few of these and they’re a great place to seek advice and offer help to others.

    While this was my first and only aya ceremony I don’t know how it could have been much better. Thanks Hummingbird Church. I really hope I never need to come back but if I do I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Did this save my life? I don’t know but I sure feel better than I used to!

  • I’m a huge fan of Hummingbird Church, their connection to plant medicine, their committment to raising the vibes for all of humanity.

    After learning about Ayahuasca many years ago (90’s) I finally felt called to sit with the medicine in ceremonies led by Taita Pedro Davila with Hummingbird Church.

    My experience was a mix of perfection and horror, with moments like having my head neck deep in a bucket of puke and not needing to move it. Or having tears and snot dripping down my face. To seeing, feeling, and hearing pure magic for weeks, and nowmonths to come.

    Luckily, I did not shit my pants or have any distuptive bowel issues. I did unexpectedly start my moon at both ceremonies… That was odd.

    With all this mess the facilitators were incredibly attentive, always providing clean buckets, water, and papertowels when needed.

    Looking back, there are a few things I wish I had paid closer attention to. First, following the dieta is important for everyone’s benefit, as it helps prevent the place from smelling like bodily fluid purges. Second, taking a week off after the ceremony to sleep.

    Personally, learning more about everything happening during the ceremony helped me understand the “etiquette,” while participating in this sacred ceremony.

    If you see “unsettling to you things” during the ceremony, it’s best to mind your own business and not judge. Dont get caught up because you are wasting the potential of the experience.

    Despite initial feelings of the facilitators being stand-offish, I came to understand that they are holding a safe space for participants, allowing us to do our own healing without interference. This concept of holding space was a lesson taught to me by Ayahuasca herself.

    Taita Pedro’s connection with the divine Mother Aya is truly special, and seeing his transformation from an intense medicine man to a playful and funny himan being brought me joy. Taita is not a “guru” nor does he want to be. Taita Pedro is just a special boy from the jungle who was trained to orchestrate healing from within. I searched for egoic behavior just to make sure I was safe. Himmingbird and Taita Pedro are safe.

    The musicians at Hummingbird Church were an unexpected treat and are also incredible.

    I jokingly say that I am trauma bonded to the music. Its on Soundcloud btw!

    The sound bath at the ceremonies is next-level. I never knew my senses could come alive in such a way.

    One pro tip I have is If you ever feel the need to have a loud process, purge, yell, or move around a lot during a ceremony, it’s important to ask a facilitator to guide you to a spot away from others, as you never know how fragile someone nearby may be. Or maybe nuerodivergent and sensitive to loud outbursts. This kind of shit spooked me at first then I came to see it as ego and it wasnt scary anymore. I only caught glimpses of heavy processing because I was trying to mind my own business and they were very infrequent.

    This is definitely not a party, but an opportunity to shed toxic beliefs and experiences.

    I can’t wait to attend another ceremony in Utah in December and continue shedding layers of toxic bullshit.

  • Dangerous and dark place
    I came for ceremony here and it was not a good thing
    Alot of possessions going on
    Entity attachment

    I believe they add a flower called toè into the brew its a very dangerous flower

    The shaman doesnt care about anyones healing, he seemed to be all ego no heart
    Its all about money
    Unfortunately I didnt see anyone leave feeling healed
    It may look like a great place but looks can be deceiving
    Darkeness hides in the light

    I think the good reviews are fake
    Please be careful who you trust when you’re so vulnerable and open

    1. Courtney Close Listing Owner

      I’m sorry you have such a negative perception of our church. I understand rumors can spread in communities and since you have not been a participant with us I would be very happy to invite you to come and see what we’re about and even sit with the medicine if you felt comfortable to do so. We absolutely do not and would not ever compromise our church or the well-being of our participants by drugging the medicine, nor would we ever dream of disrespecting the spirit of ayahuasca. As you know with any psychedelic people’s experiences will vary and the things that they perceive are their own. We offer integration counseling and do our best to address any concerns regarding energetics and we have not had any complaints of possession.

  • BEWARE I came to two ceremonys here at Hummingbird church and I have been to many other ayahuasca retreat. This Guy mixes his brew with Angels trumpet, toè a very dangerous plant! It can actually cause disturbing trips, brain damage and even death
    His medicine is not pure ayahuasca and anyone who has had clean ayahuasca before can tell right away from the effects that its not pure
    Everyone I spoke to had terrible trips
    Many were psychotic, physically harming themselves and other
    Many became unconscious and were struggling with very negative trips throught the whole retreat
    This has to do with the angels trumpet Toè that was added to the brew. Some people even becoming suicidal during thier ceremony and when they asked the shaman for help he told them that he is not a therapist

    Not the response you would expect from a real shaman!

    I can honestly say very little to no healing was done for anyone
    It was more traumatizing than anything else

    I would not recommend this place at all and would not return
    I still feel sick from the mixture he gave me and it is never this way with clean ayahuasca.

    This place has good reviews and is being promoted by alot of people that is why I decided to give it a try but I highly douby they are real reviews
    if you want real medicine with a shaman who has good intentions and cares about your healing do yourself a favor and please keep looking

    Btw every bad review they get they reply the same thing claiming its a lie and they get the facilitators to comment good review right after to try to hide the bad ones!

    This is a real review!

    1. Courtney Close Listing Owner

      I’m sorry you have such a negative perception of our church. I understand rumors can spread in communities and since you have not been a participant with us I would be very happy to invite you to come and see what we’re about and even sit with the medicine if you felt comfortable to do so. We absolutely do not and would not ever compromise our church or the well-being of our participants by drugging the medicine, nor would we ever dream of disrespecting the spirit of ayahuasca. As you know with any psychedelic people’s experiences will vary and the things that they perceive are their own. We offer integration counseling and do our best to address any concerns regarding energetics and we have not had any complaints of possession.

  • Coming to the Hummingbird Church for the first time after having my first ceremony in Peru over seven years ago was scary at first as I didn’t know what to expect coming into a new ceremonial setting and revisiting the sacred sacrament, Ayahuasca. Honesty, I almost backed out when coming closer to the ceremony, but I was too much in my head and not feeling with my heart. I knew I needed to heal. I conjure up the courage to fly out to California and reignite my healing journey.

    I am so grateful for the facilitators, integrators, maestros, Taita Pedro, and everyone I missed at the Hummingbird Church. Without their authentic aura and keeping me safe during the sacraments, I would have not gotten some of the healing I was seeking. I will be back in the future to continue my healing journey with the Hummingbird Church. I am so appreciative for their approach that you are your own healer and teacher of your journey. The facilitators do not interfere with your healing, they are there to ensure you’re physically safe and basic needs such as warmth, water, and a bucket is accessible for you as you go through your healing. I did have an episode where I almost felt lost but the music and Taita’s protections gave me the power to realign. I really liked that I was even able to be in temple and outside at my own leisure increasing the comfort and enjoy nature. Thank you Hummingbird Church in reigniting my healing journey and letting me feel again.

    1. Courtney Close Listing Owner

      I’m sorry you have such a negative perception of our church. I understand rumors can spread in communities and since you have not been a participant with us I would be very happy to invite you to come and see what we’re about and even sit with the medicine if you felt comfortable to do so. We absolutely do not and would not ever compromise our church or the well-being of our participants by drugging the medicine, nor would we ever dream of disrespecting the spirit of ayahuasca. As you know with any psychedelic people’s experiences will vary and the things that they perceive are their own. We offer integration counseling and do our best to address any concerns regarding energetics and we have not had any complaints of possession.

  • My journey started when I walked away from organized religion over 15 years ago. As someone born and raised in a church that followed paths of organized religion, I still longed for that community – a spiritual family. I found that and so much more at Hummingbird Church, and I want to share some of my experience/journey.

    Location: Hummingbird Church ceremonies are primarily held in Cherry Valley, CA; however, as a church is the people, not the location, Hummingbird often hosts ceremonies in different cities throughout the US to increase the range of people who can access the healing sacrament. The Cherry Valley location is nothing short of magical. The air and energy are so palpitating that you can feel it before exiting your vehicle.

    Ceremony: It starts with breathwork. AND I do mean WORK. This stuff ignites your whole being (body, mind, and soul). You’ll laugh, cry, scream and feel the world around you…by breathing!! There are other medicines offered that help cleanse and purge negative or pinned up energy; however, there’s only one sacrament, and that’s served by a traditional, indigenous doctor, Taita Pedro Davila.

    Sitting with the sacrament: Quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable feelings, until it’s not. And, I think that’s the point. I paid attention to how my body, feelings, and mood changed, and there were moments when I felt the sacrament moving through my system. Over the course of three days, I consumed multiple doses of the sacrament and felt safe at all times, especially when my ego death happened. I was utterly vulnerable and expected people to laugh or mock me, but it wasn’t that. When I came back to life, I was met with smiling faces, a couple of pats on the back, and a “good job, buddy.” This encouragement, support, and mini-celebration continued throughout the weekend—pure encouragement and support to get you where you need to be in life.

    Facilitators/Volunteers/Staff: They were plentiful and on top of everything. From helping people stumble to the bathroom to fetching water, food, blankets, anything you needed was available almost immediately.

    Hummingbird Church is a collective of souls seeking to heal and connect with the planet and others. To go beyond ourselves and find deeper meaning in the joy, trauma, success, and failure we experience in life. I’m forever thankful for Hummingbird Church, its staff, healers, and community. I love you all.

  • Sean

    This place, these people, have changed my life. I felt accepted for who I am. They shared their stories with all of us which made me feel comfortable and hopeful. Their lightheartedness helped create and upbeat atmosphere at times. No doubt they are all working from the heart and just trying to make the world a little better place by getting people to love themselves a little more.
    Taita Pedro is the real deal! I’ve never met anyone like him in my life. It’s an honor to have sat in ceremony with him and experience his level of mastery.
    As long as you cool with camping and portable toilets, you will not regret coming here. Also, be prepared to do the hard mental, physical and emotional work that comes along with this. The best group of people, they got me rethinking this whole church thing and that maybe one day this could be the standards for churches. You go experience god for yourself instead of having some scream at you what god is. I will be back again.

  • Barbara

    I feel so honored to have met Courtney through a friend who attended their Florida retreat she really commended Taita Pedro for the amazing things he’s doing for the community and how she has been healed from his ceremonies. Because of her experience I decided to give Hummingbird a shot and Courtney was basically answering my questions on the phone daily and being there for me no matter how long I kept her on the phone she never rushed me off. Her sincerely and kind nature as well as generous heart has kept me coming back. If you know who Courtney is she will walk to the ends of the earth for you. It’s unfortunate that there are people who are so immature in the spiritual community who called themselves “healers or new shamans’ going around bullying people because of their weight and appearance. The lack of healing in these individuals are coming to surface by the judgments and hate they are expressing. It makes the medicine community look so bad with a few bad apples in the community.

    I wished that the spiritual community could be more united and non-judgmental as the medicine teaches. There is no need to start a war with eachother. The whole point of healing ourselves is to heal the world not to divide it. Lead by example spiritual family. Don’t cast stones at your own family. Sending more love to those that need to heal. I love Courtney for her sacrifices she’s made for all of us and Taita has been so wonderful.

  • I’ve attended hummingbird church with Taita Pedro a couple times in the last year. When I first showed up I was extremely physically and spiritually sick. The facilitators and Taita at Hummingbird Church helped me immensely, body and soul.

    I grew up with programming that told me I wasn’t capable of saving myself, that I had to look to “godly” men to save me. That I was inadequate and incapable. But this church and Taita teach that *WE* are the medicine. We are the only ones who can save ourselves.

    And I think that’s why, when the facilitators did assist me during my difficult shadow work, they intentionally did just enough to keep me safe and let me freely have my process. The medicine showed me that as I go through life and experience hardship, facilitators and Taita not going to be there to rescue me from my discomfort. Sometimes I wanted them to come take the pain away from me, but I needed to learn that only *I* could heal myself. And that’s a *HARD LESSON* for us codependent types to comprehend and accept!!! But I’m sooooooo grateful to the intuitive facilitators for that absolute gift.

    Another gift I was given by Hummingbird was the gift of safety. I have a complex trauma history from men. I’m hy-per-sen-si-tive about lady-safety and I’ve struggled to feel safe around men since childhood. It shocked me at how instantly safe I felt with Taita Pedro. I don’t think I’ve spoken more than a couple words to him but I still like to pick from the beds closest to his seat. I just like being close to his energy BECAUSE. IT. FEELS. SO. SAFE. and that’s not a feeling I feel a lot in my day to day life.

    I’ve brought my sweet younger sister to Hummingbird and Taita Pedro for healing. She and I will be bringing our pretty mama to Taita Pedro in a couple months so that she can begin her own path towards healing. My best friend will be joining me after that. I don’t trust easily so I’m so grateful for a Taita who I know I can bring my family to.

    I hope that the people reading these comments will think pragmatically and consider attending a Hummingbird retreat. You’ll see. You’ll see for yourself how loving and safe it is there. You’ll see how empowered everyone is to heal. You’ll see that you finally belong.

    Gracias, Mama Aya. Gracias, Taita Pedro. Gracias, Hummingbird. Thank you for helping me heal.

  • Stormie

    I have been drinking with Taita Pedro for over 3 years, I have attended 27 of his ceremonies and there are no words I could write here to accurately explain the amount of amazing, transformative healing that I have received from him and his medicine. He is truly a gift to all who encounter him.

    I met Courtney a couple of years ago when I was on my way to one of his retreats but ended up stranded with nowhere to stay. Without having even met me, she graciously offered for me to stay at her home. As soon as I arrived I knew she was one of the good ones and I have loved her ever since. I cannot exclaim the amount of excitement I had when Courtney created the humming bird church, there is seriously no one better suited for this type of work. And to have Taita Pedro serve under her organization is the greatest combination of spirits one could hope to encounter.

    I know there are a group of people set out on a mission to destroy both of their reputations, I assure you, from the bottom of my heart this is a sick and misguided group. It pains me to see such slander. Both Taita and Courtney have pure hearts with the best intentions. They create these beautiful, transformative containers, and see to each person to ensure they are all taken care of. There is so much love in these spaces, ready for all who enter, and I feel blessed to have witnessed and received this personally.

    Thank you Humming Bird Church, thank you Courtney, and of course, thank you Tiata Pedro for all that you do. You sincerely make the world a lighter, brighter, better place.

  • A

    I don’t even know where to begin. It’s so overwhelming how much these amazing souls have affected me beyond words. And really it’s not them doing the healing. Taita Pedro says this several times. We are the miracles. All they seem to really do is create such an amazing space filled with love, delicious food, and a genuine attention to detail. I mean damn. Courtney even had toothbrushes at the ready.

    I can’t say enough about this church. It even feels weird calling it a church. It is a church, but not in the typical sense of how we think of churches. They aren’t breathing doctrines down your neck. There was people from all types of religious backgrounds and we were all there for the same thing. Just humans coming together to better us. That’s it.

    If the entire world could be in the same spiritual space as what it’s like at the hummingbird church retreat, the world would be a utopia.

  • Tony dang

    I was soul searching and wanting to connect to the spiritual side that I always had dwelling inside me. The universe had plans for me that I had yet to know! I was introduce to taita Pedro randomly from a friend. I had no idea what I signed up for. My first ceremony with taita and Courtney open up everything . I felt whole , a completed elevated version of myself. Ayahuasca doesn’t cure and fix anything. It’s a tool for you to realize what you need to do to help heal and fix yourself. Taita is a teacher a guide he doesn’t interfer with you healing yourself, if you are having a tough time he will help to only guide you. We must do the work ourselves. I personally feel like the medicine will only show you what you are ready to see. There maybe be negativity journey but one should ask yourself why am I seeing or feel what I am feeling. you should also ask the same questions if youre have a positive journey . At the end of the day positive or negative they’re all growing lessons. I have seen people physically and mentally heal from these ceremonies! It has changed my life and shifted my life’s purpose to self growth and helping others realize their own higher self.

    P.s. Courtney is the shit

  • Margarita Valdez

    What a magical healing experience 🥰🙏🏼. I recently attended the retreat weekend in Mount Shasta California. The location was beautiful and the staff was welcoming and wonderful.

    Vitaly’s breathwork sessions completely took me by surprise. I felt so much pain and anxiety leave my body during those sessions. I had never even heard of breathwork and had no idea how powerful this could be. Having such intense releases before the ayahuasca ceremonies put me in a really good place. I felt so much stronger going into each ceremony. This is a practice I hope to incorporate into my daily life.

    Taita is such a wise and personable man. I instantly felt comfortable with him. He shared his wisdom with the group and one on one when he spoke with us. He reiterated over and over that we are the healer, we are the miracle and that all the answers are within us. He was humble and took no credit for the healings we experienced, reminding us that we did the work.

    I did not get to experience kambo with Brian but plan on doing so at another date.

    Courtny was kind enough to take some of us into town to shop and eat. We also visited a beautiful and spiritual meditation garden.

    I was so impressed that they offer a free standing weekly call offered to help us when we need it.

    Thank you Hummingbird Church for all that you did for us.

  • Melissa P.

    I cannot express my gratitude enough for all of the love and support I felt from this group. When I arrived I realized that I had forgotten my journal and my toothbrush. I flew in from North Carolina so I was unable to leave to go purchase the items that I had forgotten. I asked Kortney if there was anyone going to the store that could take me with them to get the items that I had forgotten. She asked me what I needed and within a few seconds grabbed the items that I needed, she said we try to keep extras around of things people might forget. This small act made me feel much more relaxed and cared for going into the weekend.
    There were many other experiences similar to this throughout the weekend, where when someone needed something someone in the group had it and gifted it to them. Joanne, another facilitator had a bunch of hairbands on her wrist to offer to people who needed to tie their hair up when getting sick. It really felt like they thought of everything they could to make us all feel comfortable and looked after.
    When Pedro started the ceremony the light tone of the room became very serious and everyone assisting became focused and silent. You can tell they all have a tremendous amount of respect for Pedro and take ceremony very seriously.
    I won’t go into the details of my own personal experience in the medicine but I will say it was a very hard process. I can see how this is not for everyone, especially those not ready yet to face their trauma and the parts of themselves that they have hate for. The facilitators made me feel safe and free of judgement as I worked through my process and put my embarrassment at ease when I came out of it.
    I could not have asked for a better experience. The food was also wonderful and restaurant quality, everything there oozed love. They even let me take my blanket with me when I left, the blanket and I got real close during ceremony. Kortney did not make me feel ashamed for asking if I could keep it and let me know that the connection that I felt to the blanket was something that others also experienced and that they loose about 10 of them a ceremony due to bonding.

  • Tyrone Peterson

    Wow! What an experience! I accomplished much more in this weekend than I ever dreamed possible. This was such a welcoming place with a lot of different types of people. For many reasons I was apprehensive about attending ceremony. I assumed I’d have to wear all white and be ultra spiritual to fit in, which was not at all the case! I was also delightfully surprised to see other people of color there. This is a safe space for people of color to do deep healing.

  • Scott S.

    I had a transformative life changing experience at Hummingbird Church. I felt very welcomed with the “come as you are” approach. The pre ceremony zoom call also helped ease my nerves and get me comfortable and prepare for the experience.

    I found the staff to be accommodating and knowledgeable. They were right there helping when assistance was needed and always made sure I had a clean bucket, towels and water when I was ill.

    Tiata Pedro is a powerful man and has a very calming presence during ceremony. I was so grateful that I got to experience my first ayahuasca ceremonies in the US with an actual indigenous shaman from the Amazon.

    Michael and Brian provided me with support after ceremony that helped me integrate my experiences. Which was another reason why I chose Hummingbird Church. The integration support was critical to my well-being after ceremony.

    This place is all heart, with wonderful people there to support you before, during and after ceremony. If you are not good with camping and port o potties, then you may want to go somewhere else. I will be forever grateful for my experience and plan on going back again in the future.

  • Benjamin Dominguez

    Safety is paramount within this scared circle.

    I started my journey with mother ayahuasca many years ago. Every ceremony I’ve attended is unique and meticulously planned by an organizer. With that being said, the hummingbird church has taken the basic concept of welcoming its flok with comfort, hospitality and love to a whole new level. I literally showed up on a friday afternoon with nothing but the clothes on my back and an open heart, and this beautiful human being named Courtney spotted me, welcomed me, and introduced me to her friends and family. I instantly knew this experience would be different from all the other ceremonies I’ve had the pleasure of attending because of the positivity and love emanating around the congregation.

    On a quick side note. Although I’ve only communicated with the organizer, Courtney, a few times via email/text. She made me feel as if we had been friends for decades, and expressed a commitment to my safe and welcoming journey through the church. I’ve never met such a committed soul to the well-being of her community and those in society willing of a spiritual awakening. She’s a gem and a beautiful person inside and out.

    Would I recommend this experience to anyone? Absolutely not! If you have a bag full of mental health problems, please do everyone a favor and seek modern medical help. This experience will not solve your mental health issues, and will only create animosity toward those who have nothing to do with your bag full of problems.

    However, if you have an open heart and are willing to have a spiritual awakening unlike any other you’ve experienced, I would recommend this specific ceremony. I say this because I’ve invited and sponsored my own family and friends. I’ve yet to find a safer and more welcoming ceremony other than those hosted by the hummingbird church.

    Please remember, the hummingbird church and those like it, simply organize a ceremony where they bring facilitators and their flock together for a magical and life-changing experience. We should be so thankful that our society/community has these beauty humans who are willing to sacrifice so much for the better of our people and community.

    Thank you again hummingbird church. My mind, body and soul has been recharged and my vibrations are in line with the universe.

    Yours truly,
    B. Dominguez

  • Lydie

    The Cherry Valley location was really pretty, but felt cramped and I didn’t feel the facilitators were trained. I didn’t feel safe and seeing how those who were in deep process were not being taken care of, it kept me from going into my own self to do the work that I was ther to do.
    There were way too many people and considering that we are dealing with a pandemic, I found this to be very careless on the part of Hummingbird Church.
    My take away was that this Church is interested in making huge profits. They are a churn and burn business who isn’t really vested in seeing the healing through. There seems to be a lot of negative discussion surrounding this church which is concerning and I wish I had known but considering the amount of time that this church has been functioning, I wouldn’t have even imagined that the negative reviews would be so many. With all of the legitimate groups in S Cali, my suggestion would be to go elsewhere and really vet who you will be trusting to look our for you.

    1. Hummingbird Church Listing Owner

      This again the same group out of Miami, Florida who have never even attended our retreats. This site provided us with your email and IP address which was enough information to confirm who this is and that you have NEVER attended our retreats. Your comments are all lies. We are up front that in Cherry Valley you can expect 35-40 people per ceremony and that social distancing is not possible. We do not leave people unattended so that is also ridiculous. If you want to continue your harassment we will have no choice but to take legal action which is something none of us want to waste our time doing. However these sick attacks and unmerited allegations need to stop. If you have real concerns you’d like to discuss then please reach out to us. But leaving fake reviews is petty and juvenile.

  • Alyssa Vidal

    Hummingbird Church feels like what a church is supposed to be: a fellowship of individuals coming together to heal, love and encourage one another with egos in check.

    This was my first experience with Ayahuasca and I am so grateful.
    The facilitators did an excellent job of creating a safe space for people to heal and connect with the medicine. Ceremony is held with intention and reverence without becoming overly legalistic. Everyone respects your individual healing process.

    Breath work was phenomenal! Everything provided synergized beautifully (Rapé and Sananga were optional and extremely beneficial). Everyone there was so welcoming and respectful, especially Taita Pedro. His presence is so gentle yet powerful. After he served me Rapé ,before 3rd ceremony, I’ve never felt so much energy run through my body at once. Like a geyser from root to crown. Taita’s songs sent my heart soaring and I can still hear the chimes echo in my soul. I’ll carry this wonderful experience with me always.
    I am looking forward to continuing on this journey and deepening relationships with the medicine and those who shared this sacred experience with me.

  • Michael Kaluzniak

    Had an amazing, powerful weekend with Hummingbird Church. Courtney and her staff were very supportive and always available to help with the process. Loved the breath work and the food was so good.

  • Johnson Redford

    I have done two ceremonies with this group and healing is not what I received. I have found that their medicine contains toxic angels trumpet, which the columbian brujs use to steal souls. There are many Caucasian women who are claiming the Taita here took advantage of the position they were in and became involved in sexual relations. They bring children to the retreats and I was not prepared for the energy that came with a few dozen people piled one on top the other in a barn with no air.
    Courtney, what has happened to you? You are not taking care of yourself and have ballooned and many people are worried about you and what will happen when this falls on you and the Taita leaves you high and dry.

    1. Hummingbird Church Listing Owner

      This is a fake comment made by the same group of people from Miami Florida. We are grateful to this site for providing us with user IP address and information. These are the same people who have been harassing our phones and threatening young our children. This is so sick and so dark, and something none of us were prepared to deal with. Especially from people who should see themselves as part of the same community. I am not sure what your vendetta is with our church or Taita Pedro but if you’d like to have a real conversation then please call us. If your objective is to continue to harass and slander then we will have no choice but to take the appropriate legal action.

      1. Are we sure it isn’t the website themselves making these comments? This whole website is sketchy. There is nothing about who is running it. On whose authority do we take these reviews? Have you noticed how we can’t even delete or edit comments? Have you noticed that for most of the bad reviews, the reviewer’s profile is not linked? In order to make a comment, you need to create a profile. I have looked on my own profile settings and noticed that there is no option to “unlink” your profile.

        I reached out to the company and they have yet to respond to me. It was hard enough to find contact info period — i’ve read every comment on the site, and on one of them safe ceremonies responded. To be honest, I think they are writing the fake reviews. I actually write this review just to see if they respond + to try and get the word out there. Who owns this website? Who is moderating these comments?

        1. There are over 300 reviews on the site, unfortunate we can not respond to them all, we are not affiliated with any of the groups listed and try to stay out of the listing as much as possible. Anyone can add a listing or a review each review posted here was from a unique individual, all that info is sent to the listing owner when they make a post. Just some quick googling there are many negative reviews similar to this scattered around the internet try reddit, so this does not seem to be an isolated incident by any means. The majority of the sites on the page have great reviews. We allow a free space where people can post anonymously if they choose their experiences without fear of retribution.

  • Johnson Redford

    BEWARE. This church is about to be exposed. The DEA is on their tail. Courtney is allowing this Taita to run her knowing he is a Bru. She has let herself go, mentally and physically, since she has been under his control.
    I have done two ceremonies with this group and it took a lot of work to release what they attached to me. The sexual assault of Caucasian women by this Taita is many but these women have been afraid to speak up. Courtney and her minions will attack anyone who tries to tell the truth about what goes on. Proof is published on Facebook and reddit.

    1. Hummingbird Church Listing Owner

      This is a fake comment made by the same group of people from Miami Florida. We are grateful to this site for providing us with user IP address and information. These are the same people who have been harassing our phones and threatening young our children. This is so sick and so dark, and something none of us were prepared to deal with. Especially from people who should see themselves as part of the same community. I am not sure what your vendetta is with our church or Taita Pedro but if you’d like to have a real conversation then please call us. If your objective is to continue to harass and slander then we will have no choice but to take the appropriate legal action.

    2. Anastasia A

      Well, I’d LOVE to respond to the mockery of your post.
      First…Let’s address the slanderous comment that Courtney is under the control of TATIA PEDRO. Apparently you DO NOT know Courtney at all. I have know Courtney for over 30 years and she is a very strong willed woman and will call out anyone, any-day and set them straight. Enough said…you’re blatantly speaking of someone you don’t know.
      Now Taita Pedro…This is bery apparent that you don’t know him on a personal level. This man is a gentle soul with no intent of hurting anyone/anything. Taita Pedro does what he does in ceremonies to help people along their journey. Now…if you don’t feel you hot the hand holding, coddling, Mama sort of way…you’ve obviously tried the wrong medicine. If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest you ring up your medical doctor and have them prescribe you some pharmaceuticals to get you through life. Taita Pedro is not a medical doctor, your therapist or your Mama! As for Taita sexually hitting on women…WOW! Just a big WOW! He is not at any ceremonies for women nor is he looking for a hook-up.
      Let’s address the HOOKERS at the ceremony. Again…slanderous and high school comment. Yes…two women at the ceremonies dress “sexy” to some. Again…neither are there to hook-up with any individual at these ceremonies. Do you personally know them??? Have you been approached for sexual favors from them??? Your problem is that you see a woman as a sex object and get a boner if a woman with sexy clothing walks by you. You lose your mind and your mind becomes filthy. Grow up!!!!!
      The Hummingbird Church puts so much time and effort into each and every ceremony. Thought goes into everything down to the flowers. Courtney, Taita Pedro, Suzie, Barbie and many more have nothing but love, light and your best interest at heart.
      Let’s talk about Courtney’s appearance since you addressed this. How long have you personally know Courtney? What do you know about Courtney?? You state…Courtney has let herself physically go. Really? FYI…Courtney has been a big girl most of her adult life. No one is to blame for her dress size. Are you saying that a FAT person cannot have a church and ceremonies because of their size??? You’re also saying that women with good figures can’t facilitate ceremonies either.
      You’re a very, very judgmental individual and I think you need some mental help other than AYA. You’re a slanderous, nasty, nauseating person that talks ill of people you don’t personally know.
      You want to base your life on hearsay and rumors?? Apparently you do. I hope others aren’t stupid enough to listen to your lies and believe the Reddit BS.
      If someone talks shit on someone/something…be grown up enough to confront the person/place or thing you have a problem with. Rumors on the internet are for CHICKENS, People with no balls & hide behind a computer screen. Be a man/woman and grow up and solve your issue in an ADULT manner.
      Hummingbird Church is 100% legitimate and I’d recommend them any-day, everyday!!!!

  • Noreen

    Hummingbird’s ceremonies are always well organized. I love the fact that I could literally show up with only the clothes on my back and not have to worry because Courtney and her crew provide everything needed and then some.

  • Safety is apparently not a huge concern at this retreat.

    I unfortunately had a very negative mental reaction to the drug, and was having suicidal delusions. I repeatedly asked to speak to my emergency contact so I could ground myself, but I was denied without reason. I was told to “surrender to the process” even though I repeated told them I was going to kill myself and just needed to talk it out. I hadn’t felt suicidal in over 15 years. I came to the retreat mostly loving life, and just looking to fix some things from my childhood. I was not suicidal entering this ceremony.

    The facilitators assisting me while I was in that state were unequipped to deal with someone like me. It became very clear that these are not trained professionals. Having lots of Aya experience does not mean you know what is best for each attendee. One facilitator in particular reacted to me with hostility, which is completely awful for a trip sitter to do. It left me with slight trauma that I cannot stop thinking of. If that person is still a facilitator, I cannot recommend anyone attend this retreat.

    Later on I found out that some of the facilitators I sought help from were very high on Ayahuasca at the time. If a facilitator is sober two of the days, they should be sober the entire 3 days. A high person cannot tell the difference between a sober facilitator and a high facilitator. This is a huge example of lax safety measures.

    Possibly the worst part was that I eventually had to fake being sober, just to get out of the negative environment. No one checked to see if I was okay to drive. No one took me aside and asked if I was still feeling suicidal as I picked up my car keys. They just let me drive off and get out of their hair.

    I drove out of the facility, parked on the side of the road, and finally called my emergency contact which helped to ground myself.

    Writing this review is very hard for me because many of the people in charge are very nice people who truly believe in the medicine. The shaman is a great person, and the environment is incredible. But until this retreat has better safety measures firmly in place, my review will stay as is.

    No matter how many people heal from ayahuasca, if a small amount of people like me are swept under the rug, I will speak out. This is not okay.

    1. 8/28/2021 UPDATE
      I have been assured by those in charge of this facility that more robust safety measures are being put in place for future ceremonies. The facilitator who was hostile towards me is no longer a part of the church.

      1. Hummingbird Church

        Thank you for taking the time to note our conversations. As well as for contacting us with your concerns, which allowed us to improve our safety protocols. We do not claim to be perfect and are always taking steps to improve the quality and care given during our ceremonies. We welcome and appreciate ALL feedback, that is how we improve. We are a church not a medical facility nor wellness center, but with that we still take safety very seriously and want to ensure that everyone has the safest container possible to do the deep healing work that they come for.

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