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3 reviews
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  • We spent 10 beautiful days in the end of December 2022 at this retreat. Joshua and Julia (owners) made a lovely gesture to welcome us over Christmas and New Year, I can’t thank them enough for what they did for us. They shared their love with us along with their incredible energy, they are very unique souls who’s goal is to help people from all over the world to find their own way to the healing.
    Absolutely everything about these days was magical: Lodge facilities, team (Lady Diana, Blanquita and Jino made us feel like we are a family), services and all comfort with blissful energy.
    The Lodge facilities are very beautiful, you will find here anything you need.
    We were loved and cherished over these days, it was just a perfect environment to embark on a journey with ourselves.
    The Ceremonies were held by the best shaman Hairo, he was our light to show us the way to the medicine and the way to our healing.
    We went on a jungle tour with our Maestro and a real nature lover Jino, we were able to connect with the jungle, be close to the nature, learn more about the medicine and a jungle spirit. We took a boat ride several times to the beach, which is near the lodge. I must say that I will never forget the beauty of these sunsets; sunsets on Amazon river is something you will never forget.
    Lady Diana and Blanquita were the best chefs, food was always delicious and you could tell that everything was made with so much love. I am grateful that I have chosen this retreat, I will definitely come back. If you are reading this and still thinking about the right place to go, don’t think twice, you came to the right place, you will be loved and guided on your journey.

  • Dear reader, I’m about to share with you my love for this place and it’s people. I’m sure that if you’ll decide to go there, your review will be the same as the following one.

    The time spent in the “Light of the Shipibo” was exceptionally bright and full of discoveries.

    This is a quiet place with loving people that are acting out their best intentions.

    This is the first time in my life when I experienced such a pure love from strangers.

    Joshua and Julia – the owners of this place, are on their own journey to healing and expanding their minds and hearts. They dig into themselves as deep as they can bear. They bond with the guests by joining the ayahuasca ceremonies and they walk the path together with us, as our comrades and brothers-in-arms.

    To make this process efficient, they built a place with perfect conditions for this kind of work, and they are willing to share this space with anyone who is having similar goals.

    The staff that they surrendered themselves with, is their perfect reflection.

    People that are cooking, are doing it with such love, that the simplest rice become remarkably delicious.
    Everyone is smiling and is doing all necessary to facilitate your experience at the center.

    I want to highlight Jino, one of the leaders of this place. He is a wise, intelligent and loving young man. He will entertain you with his deep love for the jungle, animals and overwhelming erudition. Jino is always present during the ceremonies as a supporter and you can feel that from the place he is sitting, irradiates an extremely positive vibe.

    People like Jino and others are hard to find and the fact that they are all concentrated in one single place, tells a lot.

    An important thing was the low number of participants in the ceremony (there were only five of us). This allowed us to strongly bond with each other and to know each other’s struggles. I consider everyone who accompanied me on this journey , to be more than my friends. We are still in touch and I hope that we will keep this connection as a lifelong one.

    Everything what happened was tailor-made. There was no “conveyor attitude”. The needs of all the guests were met with compassion and understanding.

    If Love and Health are plants, then to help them grow, you would want a place with fertile soil, a lot of sun, humidity and skillful people that know how to make it happen. “Light of the Shipibo” has all the ingredients.

    After finding in this place love, friendship, brotherhood, health and purpose, I will surely return to “Light of the Shipibo” to remind myself about the lessons learned and to go further, deeper into the new ones.

    Peace, love, Sun.

  • visited this place 7 months ago, my review is also on their google maps rating with photos. I just like to take the time to rate them again because they deserve it. I hope many people read all these nice reviews and have the same great experience i had there. I could litterly copy past the last review below mine. The team is great? Joshua, Hairo (the shaman), Jino, Lady, your in such good hands!

    Man, writing this and reflecting makes me want to go back. So hopefully many people find this place in their search of getting in touch with their spiritual side. Really a perfect place to do so.

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