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3 reviews
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  • I am so thankful for Eliana and her team for facilitating these ceremonies. The small group atmosphere really made you feel safe and that you were with friends and family. I tend to have very intense experiences with ayahuasca and I was grateful that everyone was so patient with me and let me have space to work through my experience. The knowledge, understanding, kindness, and generosity of everyone was also deeply appreciated. Looking forward to working with them again!

  • Soul Tender Eliana/Maharani Medicine Circles has been a sanctuary for me. A safe space of profound growth through humble and humbling experiences. The land is medicine. Eliana honors this place with her impeccable vocabulary and inter-dimensional integrity. She owns her humanness which shines in the Lighthouse whose rays invite the Seeker to breathe in, lean in and get out of your own way. Her music is medicine and beautifully allies with integration. Her Partner Austin brings in the Divine Masculine, is of Service, supporting and tending the boundaries. Her Medicine Lineage is top notch and reflects her mature playfulness, Love for ceremony, devotion to family and those she serves. Pinak

  • Maharani Medicine Circles was my first introduction into the intentional medicine space, and I sit here writing this both humbled and inspired. Never have I witnessed such dedication and precision in bringing a vision to life. Eliana and the facilitators stand with presence and acceptance ~ providing a place of safety where no one that comes is a stranger. The way the medicine is carried through song, prayer, and honest communion and the emphasis that is put on integrating afterwards, speaks magnitudes to the respect and integrity that is at the core of this work.
    I am forever grateful for being a part of and witnessing the healing and connection that happens here. For remembering the Spirit that resides within. And for knowing I am never alone in my pain and joy.
    Thank you MMC <3
    If you have the chance and feel the calling, take the plunge! Your soul will thank you.

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