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  • Wow! Wow! Wow! What a phenomenal place and experience at the Sacred Owl. I cannot begin to describe how strong the Divine is in this place. Tami and Justin are wonderful Medicine Carriers. I cannot thank them enough for heeding the call to do this work.

  • The safe space created here is clearly well thought out, I usually get anxious when going anywhere new overnight. The time and care put into place from beginning to end allowed me to focus solely on my journey, the way it should be. Everything from the detailed prep info beforehand to the tools and guidance for integration have made this experience the best it could possibly be! The gorgeous drive up the Oregon coast onto the peaceful slice of paradise, where we got to stay for the weekend surpassed my wildest expectations. Thank you Tami & Justin for sharing your beautiful gift with the world, I truly am grateful! You two have found your calling and created something so pure and beautiful. I can’t recommend this place enough, whether it’s your first time or a seasoned journeyer. It feels like home.

  • Old Growth Owl was a fantastic experience. Tami and Justin are kind and caring individuals who help make your self-care journey special. The entire time at Old Growth Owl, I felt safe and calm.

    The beauty of their place and the simplicity of the ceremonies enhanced the 3 day event with each ceremony being more impactful than the last. I highly appreciated their commitment to the group needs as well as individual needs. I will definitely return for ceremonies – to their care at this beautiful location.

  • From the moment you step onto the land where Tami and Justin conduct their ayahuasca ceremonies, you can feel its sacredness. The overwhelming positive energy that emanates from the surroundings sets the stage for a truly transformative experience.

    Tami and Justin are the heart and soul of these ceremonies, providing their full attention and unwavering commitment to the safety and comfort of every participant. Their approach is not driven by profit but by the desire to create a sustainable operation that truly benefits those who attend. With only a few ceremonies each year, they ensure that each one is conducted with the utmost care and dedication.

    The journey begins with a thoughtful and thorough evaluation process. From the initial questionnaire to the video conference interview, Tami and Justin take the time to ensure that you are the right candidate for this powerful plant medicine and the intimate group setting. They provide extensive guidance in the weeks leading up to the ceremony, preparing you to receive the maximum benefit and healing.

    Post-ceremony, Tami and Justin continue to support your integration into daily life with a series of group and individual sessions if needed. Their dedication to your well-being extends far beyond the ceremony itself, creating a holistic and complete experience.

    I wholeheartedly give Tami and Justin my full and unabashed 10/10 recommendation. Their care, thoughtfulness, and love create a peaceful and unparalleled experience. You will be hard-pressed to find a more nurturing and complete journey than this one.

    Thank you for reading, and may peace be with you.

  • I just got back from my fifth visit to OGO, I cannot say enough good things about Tami and Justin and the beautiful place that they have created. Every ceremony is a work of art and they provide you a safe space to journey while treating you like family. When you meet them there is no question that this is their calling and operate with the highest integrity. I’m beyond grateful to have found this magical place, Tami & Justin, and all the amazing people that I have met along the way. The work that they do is life changing.

  • Thak you for a wonderful experience.
    This was my first time and I was very nervous and didn’t know really what to expect. I had a particular issue that has plagued me for along time. I had a friend and my son recommend this as a possible means of helping heal me.
    I went apprehensive and hopeful.
    The experience has helped me more than I really expected and I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in this ceremony.
    I would recommend this for anyone trying to overcome early trauma..
    I want to thank Tami and Justin and all the participants last week.
    I am deeply grateful 🙏

  • I couldn’t express how greatful I am for the experience Tami provided me. My ceremony was in May of 2024 and it was nothing less than magical. From the moment I first connected with Tami and Justin I felt so heard, cared for and safe. When I arrived on the land for the ceremony it was breathtaking and so calming, the ceremony was beautiful. I felt safe and cared for the entire time. I am so thankful to Tami for such a beautiful beautiful experience and helping me through this journey. I will definitely sit with her and Justin again in the future!

  • Dear reader,

    I participated in a three day ceremony retreat that wrapped up only yesterday, and left feeling eternally grateful for my time with Tami and Justin. From day one their calm energy gently guides you no matter your level of experience with sacred medicine.

    I was one of seven participants, three of us completely new to this. I had some initial reservations about what it would be like to do something like this with other strangers, but all of those strangers became my friends in this joint adventure. We truly bonded.

    The space Tami and Justin have created in the beautiful landscape of the Oregon coast radiates of love and light – allowing you to connect to the earth as you connect to the deepest parts of your soul. The love they have for what they do is evident in the incredibly clean space where they welcome you and hold the ceremonies. And I have to mention the super comfortable beds – it made me feel at home being able to snuggle up during my time there.

    I could go on and on and on about how proudly beautiful this trip was for me – but I know when you’re ready – and if you land in Old Growth Owl – you will be cared for physically and spiritually.

    All my love,

  • I can’t say enough about the entire experience. The land was scerene the ceremonies were top notch and the facilitators were even better. I highly suggest this destination as your next experience

  • Life Changing and Truly Thankful!

    After my experiences in Costa Rica, I searched for a healing retreat to continue and complement the work I have been doing the past few years. It was important to me to find a retreat that wasn’t jumping on the bandwagon, seeking to profit off plant medicine, healing, and spirituality experiences. I was looking for a retreat that clearly spoke from the heart with truthful intentions and I have found that at The Old Growth Owl. Tami and Justin’s passion, wisdom, and their incredible respect for the medicine has created a setting with a sense of warmth, support, safety, and connectedness that I could not have imagined. It’s impossible for me to put into words exactly what my experiences have been and how my perspective in life has changed, but I can say that it has brought me to a place where I no longer have to search for an identity of belonging in this world.

    These are amazing people at The Old Growth Owl with incredible talent and intentions! They will share with you their gift of knowledge and show you that the power of the plant medicines is uniquely only for you in your journey. The support and wisdom received by both Tami and Justin before ,during, and after ceremony is beyond my expectations…. Thank you, Tami and Justin, for everything you have shared.

  • With heart and soul, Tami and Justin are dedicated to serving those who find them. As a guest for the third year, having participated in multiple ceremonies, I can truly say that their commitment to their work is unparalleled. They bring a sense of genuine care and devotion to every ceremony, making each experience deeply meaningful. Their calling to serve shines through in everything they do, touching the hearts of all who are fortunate enough to be in their presence.

  • I cannot say enough good things about Old Growth Owl. I have been to ceremonies before where safety is uncertain, either by the staff, participants, or location, etc. From the first contact to ceremony’s close, everything is AMAZING. Tami and Justin are wonderful humans that do this for the incredible impact the medicine has on people who seek it. It is SO clear, that they’ve poured themselves into this to create a supremely comfortable and safe space for the healing work to take place. The land on which ceremonies are held is divine and enveloped in private, serene, and beautiful nature. Their deep care and attention to every detail has left me in absolute awe with every ceremony. They are obviously serving their life purpose. They were made for this. For you and me. Now having done several there, I cannot imagine a better experience. I haven’t traveled the world doing ceremonies or anything, but I HAVE, however, now had the honor to sit with many that have, over the course of my ceremonies and they all agree, Old Growth Owl is the best. Hands down.

  • I highly recommend Old Growth Owl if you are seeking an experience that is sacred and filled with awakening and wonder every step of the way. The setting is a rare gem fond on riverfront property with a magickal Maloca in the middle of an ancient and preserved forest where the ceremony begins from the minute you schedule your journey! Both Tami and Justin are experienced Medicine Carriers and provide a safe and protected environment for healing, self-discovery and Divine Connection. I couldn’t express gratitude enough for my experiences here or provide a higher recommendation.

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