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9 reviews
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  • The safest place I have ever experienced the medicine is at Pine Temple. The container of love and acceptance you experience in 3 days and, 2 nights is something you have to feel to understand.
    It is truly run with pure intentions and integrity. I’m grateful to have met this lovely group of people.

  • I feel so incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with the people and circumstances that led me to Pine Temple. I had previously sat in a number of different medicine circles but once I experienced Pine Temple I knew I had arrived HOME. The staff arranged pre-ceremony integration calls for several months prior to the ceremony, allowing the chemistry of the group to settle in prior to ever meeting in person. The check-in and orientation process upon arriving at ceremony was seamless and comfortable and the setting of the ceremony is AMAZING. Taita Pedro is otherworldly in ceremony and the staff is attentive and caring yet careful not to interfere with anyone’s process in the medicine. The food is excellent and there are opportunities for group activities and for individual self-reflection between and after the ayahuasca ceremonies. The Sunday morning Cacao ceremony/cleansing/integration circle may have been my favorite part. The entire experience is beautifully organized without feeling rigid or structured. There are many post-ceremony integration calls and the staff makes themselves available for guests who want one-on-one consultation and support. Pine Temple quite literally changed the trajectory of my life. I can’t recommend it more enthusiastically.

  • Before Pine temple I sat with the medicine for three different Retreats all different shamans. I had decent experience at them but when I came to pine temple and sat Taita Pedro it was completely different it was like he could see into my soul like he knew what I was there just bye looking at me observing me. Taita brought me to new levels in myself that I never knew existed after sitting with him I went forward with the path that was given to me in my ayawasca journey. I came back to pine temple for 3 straight years after that and continued to work with Tiata and work on making myself the best version of me. The safe space that the staff provides will let you feel free to be your true self. When you come to a retreat at pine temple you will feel safe and secure. The space they provide with the excellent staff makes you feel like you can totally relax and actually feel ready to take on your own journey with the medicine cause you came to heal not be uncomfortable. If you choose pine temple rest assured you are in the best care!

  • Before Pine temple, I sat under the care of one of the Senior facilitators under another ceremony space

    I felt safe and held under her care and sat again with her the very same year

    My experience with the medicine was remarkable to say the least, and changed me forever. So much so, that I was inspired to also be of service to volunteer with pine temple to look over others the way I was, as having a safe space to be vulnerable is in my opinion essential when we as people are looking for healing.

    I work with fantastic staff and friends who truly care about others; we really try our best every ceremony to improve not just our spaces, but our selves as the world changes, as we are all human. I would recommend Pine temple to anyone looking for an authentic human/healing experience.

  • Safe place to heal and good people to trust with your healing process.👌

  • Wonderful experience with caring and attentive staff. Nicest people you could ever meet 🫶

    1. The shaman is powerful and fantastic at holding space and moving energies! The facilitators are attentive and also allow you your space to process. The food is delicious, nutritious and made with love! The sound healing is absolutely astounding! The medicine is powerful! It’s a very transformative experience! I highly recommend Pine temple! I look forward to my second ceremony with them in Sept!

  • I could not be more grateful for this community, from the opening of the container through retreat, I felt so informed, safe and supported. In the past in the NH I had an experience with another retreat and needed to heal from the experience I had there. pine Temple, was so caring and truly made sure that the entire group felt safe to take their Journey and go deep to do the work we needed to. I trust Pine Temple and Taita Pedro with my life.

    Thank you Pine Temple for providing this safe sacred space so close to home.

  • Pine Temple is the safest space to heal. I have attended 5 ceremonies with them and every time I feel like I am going home to my family.

  • I attended their May ceremony. They did such great job with all the little details to make you feel very safe and supported. The staff all have lots experience with the medicine and are very informative. Which for someone like me who has lots of anxiety was super helpful. I felt nothing but love and support the entire time I was there. I highly recommend pine temple for anyone who is looking for a safe ceremony space.

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