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53 reviews
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  • My experience with Demi and Roots 2 Recovery has been superb. I have been with her for two Changa ceremonies which felt safe, ceremonial and reverent. The music, also a fundamentally defining aspect of the experience, was beautiful. Mixing both recorded tracks with live singing, crystal bowls and drumming enhanced my overall experience and even defined portions of the journey. From the moment I met Demi, I knew we would do work together and felt immediately held by her warm loving nature and also confident that she could help me navigate anything that popped up.

  • I was referred to Demi on my current journey of deeper soul searching and true inner healing. I was called to attend my first Changa Ceremony with her and words can not begin to explain my beautiful experience I had.

    Every human is on their own journey and path and each experience with ayahuasca and changa is different for each individual.(So I have heard).
    I come from a back ground of abandonment, childhood trauma and relationship trauma. I have spent most of life on earth healing other people and carrying their burdens. I have always put myself last. A year and a half ago I had a intense natural spiritual awakening through a natural loss with some more trauma that changed my life and has taken me down a new soul filing path.

    During my first Changa session, I honestly went in there with some intentions on how DMT would be based on other peoples experiences. I thought I would smoke it and just kick back(Lay back) and close my eyes and be taken to a higher level and see colors or shapes. When I first arrived I had some anxiety because, I was so worried I couldn’t smoke it right. I was surprised with the amount of plant medicine I actually needed during the ceremony to actually blast me off. I was taken to probably the highest dimension possible. When I first blasted off I was welcomed by a gray alien female entity with many tentacles. Its like she was saying “come to me” Her legs were like an octopus. I trusted her and she was almost controlling me. I then fell into a world that was so bright. I was stuck in these beautiful colored boxed rooms that kept shifting and turning. I felt every aspect physically and It was like being in a 3D Reality game, shortly after that I was brought out of that world and was a bit more grounded. I saw my self as a very young child with tons of darkness and black space. I saw my mom and I felt all my pain and neglect. I started balling and crying with no control over these emotions. At the end of my journey I felt so much relief. I felt like a feather. I discovered that through my first experience with changa, I was really shown that I have a ton of inner healing to do and work to put into myself. In order to continue helping others in life I need to heal myself first. A huge burden was released from me and I left with so much peace for the rest of the day.

    Demi made this experience very warming. She had music, and she was singing, the setting and place was very healing and comfortable. There were no judgmental zones and she was there to coach and guide anyone through this experience. I know her and her partner were placed in my life for a reason and I am so excited to be on a journey of discovery with Demi as one of my mentors as I continue to explore healing and plant medicine.

    Thank you!

  • The experience with changa was Fantastic!! Something that I recommend no doubt at all, I absolutely will do it again. It’s a trip to another dimension where you enjoy the trip without worries and total disconnected from the outside world, you get to relax and enjoy. The mystical dimensions you get to experience are amazing, you will see the most beautiful colors shapes and sounds at a high level. The music is amazing every sound goes through your mind and ears in a great amplitude that gives you peace, Demi is amazing her voice is angelical, Jamie plays fantastic . Your body will react with a cold feeling that you will also enjoy.
    Thank you to this beautiful couple for helping others to experience this journey.

  • I had my first Aya experience this last weekend with Demi and Jamie. I had been contemplating for the last year and finally felt ready! The space the ceremony was perfect and cozy. It was very important to me that my first time I felt safe and I did. I was not sure what to expect. I have tried Chonga a few times and only had that to go on. I had a few friends help me understand that it was similar. The first night was a beautiful ceremony as the second night. Demi was the light and was very conscious and caring from the begginng to the end. If someone is wanting to go on this beautiful magical journey Roots2Recovery is the only way to go! Her singing was angelic, the food was light and perfect and the music was great. She fully prepares you and will counsel you through the process. This was not only one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had in my life but life changing! You will also meet new life time friends through this community. This in my opinion is the only way to go! My new tagline is There is no turning back! Thank you Demi and Jamie. I love you both!

  • Words cannot describe the healing and growth that Ayahuasca has given me. I have participated in numerous ceremonies with Demi! Demi creates a beautiful safe loving space where I was able to do the work that I needed to do to heal the traumas etc.. that kept me in addiction for 40 plus years. It’s been a beautiful transformative journey ever since my first ceremony. Ayahuasca plus Demi, magical beyond words. I highly recommend Demi and her Ceremonies!!!!!!!

  • Going into my first ceremony with Demi and Jamie, I felt safe and accepted. The energy in the space made me feel at ease, you quickly pick up that you’re in a judgement free zone- which was important for me going into the experience. The amount of love, respect shown to the process, energy, and effort that Demi and Jamie put into the ceremony was humbling and beautiful. I have so much respect for the work that they do and am grateful that people like them exist in the world. You can tell they have the best of intentions and honor the medicine and sacred practices. I feel comfortable enough that I would go through the process with them again and share with those close to me. As a lifelong learner and someone who wants to continuously evolve, this was a meaningful and a safe way to explore the potential of plant medicine. I am thankful for this experience and have felt extremely grateful in the week after.

  • I have done 3 Aya ceremonies with Demi now (the only that I’ve ever attended thus far) and each experience has been incredibly transformative. I’ve tried (what feels like) an infinite amount of healing modalities and therapies to overcome childhood trauma, particularly around grief from losing a parent and other family members, and nothing has even come close to the impact that Aya has. Before my first ceremony, I knew I had a bit of grief I was holding onto and that I was using unhealthy coping mechanisms, but the medicine showed me just how much I had buried down that needed to be acknowledged and accepted and gave me the gift of releasing and making peace with the heavy amount of grief I had been carrying. After that night, it felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders and I became much more in tune with my emotions which no longer held me back. In that first ceremony, I also had a magical experience reconnecting with the beautiful souls of my loved ones who passed when I was younger and it was the most healing I’ve ever received. The whole experience shifted my perspective entirely around life and death and helped me see the magical and mysterious ways that the universe works, which I never previously could have understood. In my most recent ceremony (about 1.5 years after my first), I received a lot of reassurance of how far I’ve come and how much pain I’ve let go of by doing all of this hard work, something I needed to have confirmed. Aya has been one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself, and Demi and Jamie are gifts as well! They are both incredible facilitators, offer great support pre- and post-ceremony, and put so much love into their ceremonies 🙂

  • I will return to Roots2Recovery with Demi Faraday. As a new client, Demi was kind and thoroughly explained the process without a tone of expectation or pressing for a commitment. She encouraged me to take my time and contact her if I decided to move forward. This was an unexpected and beautiful way to be received.

    Following my ceremony scheduling, Demi continued her support by providing pre-journey meetings with the intent of exploring thoughts or feelings about the upcoming Aya event. This desire to check in with her guests continues even on the day of the ceremony. For me, this was critical; I needed to know someone had my back on this first journey. I also did not know anyone that would be attending. This feeling of isolation quickly dissolved after meeting the other guests and sharing our experiences in post-journey (voluntary) sharing circles.

    I felt completely supported in Demi’s ability to hold space before, during, and after the ceremony. Details of how she eloquently facilitates her ceremonies are well documented. Stated plainly, Demi’s genuine nature is to be experienced.

    Godspeed in her beautiful calling to educate the world about the impact Aya can have on our lives. As she indicates, Aya isn’t for everyone. But for me, there is no one I would have rather facilitated my experiences than Demi.

  • I had a two day session with Demi and I can highly recommend joining her on one of her retreats. Demi is an experienced guide with the required focus, skill and attention that helps the participants reach levels of deep insights and revelations. I was grateful for the various deeply meaningful experiences I had during my journey. So much so that I had moments where I felt my being was overflowing with gratitude and tears of joy.

    The ceremony location was very comfortable and worked really well for the number of people that were present. There was plenty of space to gather after the ceremony, including a fire pit and an outside sitting area.

    Thank you Demi for the work you do.

  • My journey with plant medicine lead me to Demi in a way nothing less than divine. My skepticism toward ceremonies was quickly dissolved after just a short conversation with her my first time. The care and love I feel with Roots2Recovery definitely sets a standard and I would recommend to anyone on virtually any spiritual journey.

  • I have sat in ceremony with Demi and her crew several times over the past two years and I can’t say enough good things about every single experience! Demi holds frequency in such a cosmically divine way ushering in such powerful wisdom every time!!! During my experiences my Galactic family, dragons and guides have been present, sharing messages that have deeply and profoundly changed my life!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DEMI, JAMIE, THOMAS AND ALL HER CREW!!!! They are deeply heart-felt people who hold space with integrity, love, super high frequency and I always feel deeply held and safe!!! Thank you for your service guys, I’ll be back!!!
    Much love, divine light and unicorn sparkles to you all!!
    Sarah Strong

  • About two months ago, I was diagnosed with acute stress disorder which resulted in severe insomnia (awake for greater than 24 hours multiple times a week and good ol’ panic attacks nights before work). I took a medical leave from work to figure this all out, while seeing my primary care doctor, a counselor, psychiatrist, and even a hypnotherapist. I was told that I was in the “fight” mode for too long and that my body had excess cortisol which prevented me from sleeping. The traditional remedies for sleep were not working (extreme cardio/cold plunges/diet/meditation). I wasn’t being kept up at night due to negative thoughts, it was more so my body simply wouldn’t shut down for sleep. I was prescribed antidepressants but wanted to try a ceremony first, as the two are not compatible simultaneously. I had a feeling my issues were more of a spiritual nature rather than solely a chemical imbalance one. Luckily, there was a cancelation, and I was able to slip into a 2 night ceremony during the tight window of time I had before I needed to get the ball rolling with the pharmaceuticals.

    Night one: I realized how important community is and how much I have been lacking this in my personal life. I cannot tell you how grateful I was just to talk and listen to the other participants…all these people in different chapters of their own life paths. It was such an amazing group of people and this had a huge impact on my ability to surrender fully to the medicine (in the coming night). Night one, I was scared. I didn’t go into the medicine too deeply out of fear…fear that somehow the weight of what I had been dealing with lately would bleed out and be visible to others? Fear that I didn’t want to see too deep inside myself? Who knows… Despite my hesitance and unwillingness to go super deep the first night- I still received grace. I had been dealing with a lot of romanticized fantasies/attachments to past relationships in my mind. No doubt these were defense mechanisms arising in response to the current season in my life where I plan for marriage. The part of myself afraid of commitment was speaking out through these attachments, but on night one these were pulled out of me visibly and I see all these attachments become farther away as though taking off in a plane and leaving behind the runway. Additionally, through all the counseling leading up to the ceremony; I had a pretty clear idea what my next move needed to be in life. Night one was an affirmation of my plans…”You already know the next direction to take in your path, so now go do it!”. After night one, I really felt I got everything I needed…I now knew where to go in life…I had the logistics down mentally. It was the feeling of wandering through life and then getting a solid affirmation of a clear direction to take. What more could be needed? I completely forgot about the “healing” I still needed.

    Night 2: I convinced myself that night 2 was not even needed…I was shown the path to take in life, what else could possibly happen? I asked Demi her advice, and she told me she believes my spot opened up for a reason, that I should do night two, but the choice is mine. If you have not met Demi yet, you will find that surrendering to her guidance comes so natural. I decided to do night two based on her guidance. As soon decided to move forward, I was terrified. I realized that me trying to bail on night 2 was me trying to run, hide, and escape. I still do not know why, and it is not important I suppose.

    The ceremony begins and almost immediately I am deep, deep, deep into the medicine. Deeper perhaps than I have ever been. Relaying each and every vision may not be important…as the language used by the medicine was catered to my life experiences and used symbols/narratives relevant to me alone. I want to hold myself accountable for sharing my visions from the medicine by living them out; showing them…taking action inspired by the medicine and manifesting the transformations into physical is the best way for me to truly share me experience with you. What better medium for an artist to use to create than that of his own life?

    Here some main takeaways:

    My “illness”, was my body making a decision my mind knew it should have made long ago. I made the choice to remain in a toxic work environment to chase the money. I knew I should have quit a year ago. My body stepped in and made the choice for me. How beautiful it was that my body got my attention in such a way that I could course correct. I will no longer ignore warning signs…I will listen to my body. A common night of insomnia, a ritualistic Sunday night of dread, sleeping way too much…these are my body’s warning signs that I am on the wrong path. I choose to extricate myself from a job that no longer serves me. I choose to go back to school and fulfill a 10 year calling of becoming a counselor (LPC). The path begins in November… and I haven’t been this excited in a long time.

    This was merely my experience and I don’t claim this to be the reality for all, nor do I intend this to be preaching. I understand now why they call Aya “the Mother”. The healing I received came from something I cannot call anything other than a “Goddess”. It was the Divine Feminine. It was channeled through Demi, and I saw how my grandmother, mother, aunts, partner…even the women who sang us to sleep as children in day care; are all manifestations of this beautiful Divine Feminine…the energy of healing, comfort, peace. My cultural conditioning as a man inspires me to always be on alert…always fix, do, plan, control. I surrendered this during ceremony and was met with healing. It was a healing that left me in a state where the only thing to do was to bow my head and cry tears of joy and gratitude. It was the realization of the love that is all around me in my life and how I simply lost awareness of this due to my choice of staying in a toxic work environment. Metaphorically, I was so zoomed in looking at the tiny brush strokes of dark hues that I failed to step back and observe the beautiful masterpiece before me…and how the darkness contrasts/defines the light.
    My job as a man, is to protect, nurture and serve the women in my life. Not “serve” in the sense of a slavish/mindless obedience, for that would be yet another power imbalance…but serve in the sense that I ensure every woman in my life knows that I am aware of the beauty they bring and how grateful I am for this. I get to nurture this and harbor a dynamic of co-creation within my partnership with my soon to be wife.

    In summary, I got more than what I thought I needed. The healing received sent me into a new direction in life…one that I had been putting off for some time. I made so many friends within the circle and would suggest staying at the ceremony location if possible, and not leaving to go home if you have the option. Every participant is looking for something too, and being in the presence of fellow seekers is healing itself. I felt that my circle mates had by back during the ceremony. I cannot say enough good things about Demi and Jamie…I felt so protected and I could shut off my “always on alert” status, and fully surrender to the experience. Jamie made us blueberry pancakes in the morning and I had to fight the most intense urge to pig out…breakfast was delicious and I really felt so much comfort from this. Breakfast and the sharing circle really had a unique family feeling and I had the privilege of hearing about my fellow participants’ experiences. You are in good hands here…trust these healers, the space, and surrender to the calling. How beautiful it is we have this healing available in our community….how lucky we truly are.

    The lyrics of one ceremony song was etched deep inside of me and I feel like it sums everything up nicely: “Let our love heal everyone”

  • Demi’s Sacred ceremonies, are truly Sacred. She is wondrous at creating Sacred space, with her singing, music, drum, and creating an environment, where everyone’s journey is safe and supported. She and her partner, do a most excellent job at holding space for everyone, and supporting their journeys. Her innate sense of deep, deep spirituality, comes through the entire journey. Their ceremony space is so full of love, support, and excitement before, during, and following Sacred ceremony, for Sacred Mother, to flow us into a place of exploration, growth, and true healing, in non-ordinary states of reality. Thank you very much:)

  • The path to the medicine unfolded before me and led me to Demi – after the life changing catharsis of two nights sitting under her song and watchful care, I couldn’t recommend her enough. The medicine was far more mysterious and powerful than anything I could have imagined, even after 7 slow years of preparation, learning, and podcast listening ha. Even in the darkest or most difficult of places, I felt that there were angels in the room with me, singing and playing songs that could guide me home. Probably the strongest review I could offer to showcase how much I trust Demi is the fact I intend to bring many of my friends from around the country to her. Whether the medicine path will unfold before them like it did me, I cannot say, but I can say with certainty, confidence, and love that I would trust my closest friends and family under Demi’s care in the mystical realm of Aya.

  • I have done several ceremonies with Demi. The space and energy Demi provides is safe, loving, transparent and really has allowed me the opportunity to grow and learn. I have had such deep spiritual insight since working with her. I have found a community of people to learn and grow with. I have never had such peace and understanding. I am so blessed to have found Demi. I will continue to participate in her Ayauasca ceremonies and I highly recommend doing them with her. She is highly experienced and her energy is profound.

  • I lived in South America and Mexico for years and although plant ceremonies called to me distantly, the time wasn’t right. Yet you don’t need to travel across the world to find the medicine. When I moved to Arizona and was called more strongly to Ayahuasca, I decided to patiently wait to find the right guide — what I most prioritized in finding the right ceremony. I wanted someone experienced and personally recommended to me. And that is what I found in Demi and her facilitators. Embarking on a new experience I wanted to feel safe, comfortable, supported. I found that in them and in the 10 beautiful people I got to share space with over the weekend. I really enjoyed having a small group size and as our journeys began both nights, taking us far and wide and deep inside, I knew we were watched over in a caring, respectful and intuitive way that I still cannot fathom. They were there, so present, during the entire ceremony, and gave such care before and after and even after we were home again. It is hard to put into words what the journey itself was like, but nothing scary as I had perhaps envisioned. I went deep into my mind and then, thankfully, was able to leave my mind to the side while I went into my soul and our universal connectivity. These plants can sometimes be talked about in ways which are so grandiose, as some mystical “other,” something external that “does things to us,” but I now so clearly understand how they just take us home to ourselves. There is nothing to be scared of, for they can bring us to us and to the universe and can help free us. It may not feel easy but it did feel beautiful and worthwhile and nourishing. I experienced this 6 months ago and continue to take lessons from those two ceremonies. The entire weekend with Demi was sacred, the medicine being just a part of it. Her voice and the music during the ceremonies was transcendental and the space she gave afterward, during processing, was vital. I will forever be thankful that she was recommended to me and I look forward to sitting in ceremony with her again. If anyone is called to this plant and to her, I can honestly say, what a gift!

  • I recommend roots to recovery to anyone the medicine calls, Demi provides the safest and most comfortable space for anyone looking to heal. I have done it 3 times now and wouldn’t go to anyone else, I travel from Denver to Arizona just to participate in her ceremony’s and wouldn’t have it any other way. She provides food blanket beds and the friendliest environment I have ever participated in. Anyone who is wondering how to choose, choose roots2recovery period. The medicine calls.

  • The ceremony was an amazing experience from beginning to end. This was the first time I had ever done any kind of ceremony/plant medicine. I was nervous and not sure what to expect. Our host, Demi and our guides were kind and reassuring; the energy was nothing like I have ever felt. I am not exaggerating, it was life-changing/life-affirming. Several others I know have had the same experience with Demi and her team. The evolution of the unfolding of the things I learned about myself continues weeks after the ceremony. These lessons have been applied to every aspect of my life with remarkable success. Thank you Demi, Rachel, Jaime and Thomas.

  • I have been so honored to participate in Demi’s Changa workshops. Dealing with personal childhood and adult covert trauma most of my adult life, I’ve found these ceremonies to be life altering in helping me along the path of recovery and enlightenment. She and her assistants provide 100% safe and nurturing environments that allow true transformative magic to take place. I am a huge fan and will continue to tap into her magic and expertise in plant medicine as I continue on my path of self discovery. Thank you Demi. You’re a true Angel. Brennan

  • What a beautiful experience this team provides. I was a little intimidated going into this but the space immediately felt welcoming and warm and Demi and her team were absolutely incredible. My first time journeying was so powerful and also felt very safe. I will definitely be back to explore more. Thank you, Demi, Rachel, and everyone who brings this together. This is wonderful work. So much love! ❤️

  • Words cannot describe this experience fully. The sacredness, divinity and trust put into the ceremony that Demi gives is truly straight from the divine mother herself. I am so grateful to have shared space with the wonderful souls in our ceremony space. It was my first time and I will always sit with Demi in ceremony for the years to come. Don’t think twice, if your soul led you here, you’re on the right path❤️

  • Wow, there are no words to describe the amazing experience Demi provides at her ceremonies.
    She gives 1000% as well as a safe and loving environment .
    Aya will be a part of life for me as long as I am able .
    Thank you for the wonderful healing opportunity.
    Forever greatful🙏❤️

  • I had an amazing journey with Demi as leader in ceremony.
    My experience was very visceral. I went into my body and released the dogma I picked up from my childhood religion. I found where “I’m not good enough” lived in my body and released it completely.

    I asked what is my Soul Mission in the lifetime. I got my answer. I am here to spread seeds of Absolute Love across the land.

    I am beyond grateful for the safe container that Demi created.

    Thank you Demi.

  • If you’re new to the world of plant medicine and psychedelics (like I was) or have existing experience, I would highly recommend Demi and her facilitators to guide you on your journey. I attended a two day Aya retreat in January and more recently a changa session. I felt safe, supported and divinely guided. The love, beauty and creativity that Demi weaves into her ceremonies create a divinely orchestrated experience, one that which will truly transform you to new levels. I am grateful to have found my spirit family. 💜💜

  • I have never done Ayahuasca, and the night setup for the ceremony was beautiful. I was so grateful to have my first time with Demi and her team facilitating both nights. I knew I was safe the whole time which was important for my experience as well as healing. Demi’s singing was so beautiful and healing, I couldn’t imagine not having this part of the experience. I am so grateful to have received her information from my friend, and would recommend anyone looking to reach out to her. She is knowledgeable and such a genuine person that cares for each person and their experience. The safe space created for sharing, if you want to, was amazing. That added to my personal healing process.

  • I can’t thank Demi and her team enough for the life-changing ceremony they facilitated. They filled the space with kindness, compassion, wisdom and love, which led to healing and expansion for everyone that participated in our ceremony. My cup is overflowing with gratitude! I rate this experience 11/10, and I 100% plan on sitting with them again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • This was my first experience with Ayahuasca. I am a retired Episcopal Priest and was also a pastoral counselor/psychotherapist for a dozen years. If you are serious about your psychological and spiritual growth, I would suggest that you come with a clear statement of what issue or issues you want to work on and be prepared to take a giant leap forward. I got everything I was looking for and more. Demi and her team were wonderful, and the Spirit was powerfully present. I highly recommend this.

  • I have sat with Demi several times now and look forward to continuing my healing journey with her. Each and every time I have felt comfortable, safe, and supported by her and her service team(s). Healing takes time but is greatly accelerated when you feel part of an accepting, loving community that truly cares about you. If you are looking for an opportunity to heal yourself through plant medicine, I highly recommend Demi!

  • I have participated in 6 ceremonies with Demi. Every event was amazing. Demi and her staff create an experience that provides space for healing and comfort. Her voice is amazing; it’s angelic. The medicine is powerful and always ensures the experience you need. Her ceremonies always involve a decent size group (not too many individuals ). I recommend Urban Icaros for first-timers; it’s a safe way to get involved with ayahuasca and the community. You’ll be treated with the most caring hands for your journey. With Love and courage always.
    Thank you, Demi!

  • I have sat with Demi multiple times, as well as with others. She sets the standard for what a plant medicine ceremony should be. I feel so loved and supported, as well as safe and protected in her ceremonies. I will continue to sit with her and her facilitators every time I am called. I have referred others who have sat with her and I will continue to do so.

  • Demi is an incredible facilitator and blessed Being. I trust her implicitly. She is a beautiful woman of integrity and shares her wisdom with humor, love, and grace. I have sat in numerous ceremonies with Demi and have referred several of my beloved friends. If you are looking for a safe, loving environment with an experienced facilitator, you have found it with Demi 💗

  • I have done several ceremonies with Demi and each experience has been beyond expectation. She creates such a safe, sacred space and I instantly feel comfortable with her. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a truly divine experience. She is gifted and an amazing guide.

  • I have sat w/ demi in January for three years in a row now. Every time, my love for her and her work grow. Both her spirit and passion for the work is beautiful. I’m excited to share this review with anyone that is considering doing the work, because Demi is a great choice as your guide through your journey.

  • Demi is an absolutely incredible facilitator! I have sat with her 15 times and every time has been life changing. She creates a safe, compassionate, and nurturing environment and I trust her wholeheartedly. I recommend Demi to anyone seeking this divine experience, you will be held.

  • The path that led me to Demi was without a doubt divinely orchestrated. I am so grateful to have sat with Demi for several Ayahuasca ceremonies and a Changa ceremony. Demi guides the ceremonies in such a beautiful way that there is no question that she’s attuned to the medicine and the energy from the people in ceremony. From placing a hand on my foot at just the right time to singing the most beautiful and perfect song right when I need to hear it, there is no question the energy of the medicine flows through her. Outside of ceremony, Demi is patient, calm and kind. I trust Demi completely and trust that I’m 100% supported and safe when she facilitates. I’m so grateful our paths have crossed!

  • I have researched these types of ceremonies for the past 3 years, and it wasn’t until recently that I felt called to participate. When I began interviewing and communicating with various shamans and facilitators around the world, I came to find out I had one of the best in my own backyard! It was a sign from the universe that it was my time. I have since done 3 ceremonies with Demi and have felt safe, secure and divinely guided through each. I greatly appreciated that her ceremonies are of a higher frequency, which has been a specific intention in my journey these past few years. I can’t say enough good things about these experiences, and am so full of gratitude for Demi and her dedicated path to serving and guiding humanity in our evolutionary ascension.

  • Let go of your fear and know this is a place where you can feel safe and be vulnerable.
    Demi is trustworthy and incredibly wise. I could feel the genuine love she has for her work. This is a honor to sit with Demi and listen to her soft beautiful voice guide the ceremony.

    Words can not describe the inner healing that I personally encountered.

    Calling all shooting stars.

  • I’ve personally been working with plant medicine for over 9 years and most recently I have had the pleasure and honor to be a participant in ceremony with a Divine facilitator and her team of Spirit healers … she always provides a safe environment to go into these journey of self revelations as it’s a vulnerable space to be open to receive understanding and healing so with her guidance and her voice which has a immense amount of beautiful otherworldly frequency in her tones and music has been to say the least an incredibly transformative experience… rest assured you are safe and guided with Love

  • I cannot say enough about these ceremonies feeling safe, sacred and effective. They have changed my life and given me freedom to be me, and help remove the blockages and barriers which have been holding me back. I so much appreciate that these ceremonies are available, safe, and provide comfort, support and love. The music and Icaros that Demi sings move the energy and always feels perfectly timed to speak to each and every person in the room directly. I cannot imagine where my life would be without Mother Aya and the gifts she has granted both me and my partner. Thank you Demi and Urban Icaros.

  • As my first experience it superseded all my expectations and eradicated any fears I may of had. The set/setting was a beautiful safe space full of so much love and kindness, I couldn’t imagine sitting with anyone else. I have sat with Demi many times since and I highly recommend. Demi’s voice is that of angels and the energy and love that she brings to each ceremony is so beautiful and amazing. Thank you Demi for all your love, kindness and support. Aho!

  • I have sat with Demi and Bryan for 3 separate weekend ceremonies now and cannot recommend them enough. If you are looking for deep healing – this is the place! I have been subconsciously telling myself how unworthy I was of life, love, and happiness due to guilt from a decision I made almost 30 years ago. My last ceremony brought this forth and I can honestly say that wound is finally healed. The space is always full of love, no judgements, and SAFE! I have found my tribe!

  • I’ve sat in circle with Demi before Urban Icaros was established and can tell you she is by far one of the best facilitators I’ve ever worked with. She offers a safe and loving environment that will put any anxious first comers mind at ease. The medicine was always the highest quality and all of the participants I’ve ever met through her ceremonies were just as kind and welcoming. I highly recommend Urban Icaros for your medicine experiences. Especially your first time.

  • The ceremonies at Urban Icaros are sublimely magical. The set & setting are safe and loving, the practitioners are knowing and compassionate in every way. I trust them completely and their medicine is always beautiful. Demi’s voice and choice of music are otherworldly, almost angelic, yet also down to earth. Her partners’ voice complements hers perfectly; all of this creating a sense of balance during each journey. She reaches other realms, taking us with her, and is highly experienced and talented in what she brings to the circle. Her thoughtful intuition is well-attuned to the group and to the needs of each participant. She’s also really fun! I’m always in good hands here. You will be too. 

  • Urban Icaros is a gentle and safe space to do deep personal work. Demi holds the most nurturing and loving space for her ceremonies. I have been working with her for several yeas now and have been transformed by the plants and healthy integration. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Demi and her co-facilitators are absolutely amazing! She has the voice of an angel and and creates a safe and beautiful experience for all. Ceremonies are small and cozy and everyone respects each other’s privacy and allows each person to have their own journey. I have been to three of these ceremonies and would recommend them for anyone called to the medicine.

  • I cannot say enough about Urban Icaros. Where do I start? First off, you are safe here. Warm environment, welcoming energy, and the hosts make sure you know how safe you are. Also, the actual ceremony is as high a quality as you can imagine. The music, the medicine and the guidance are always exactly what you need when you need it. I plan on Urban Icaros being a part of my life forever. These journeys are healing me, my friends and family, and I love the hosts like family now too. I wish there were more that five stars!
    I rate D and B of Urban Icaros:

  • I have sat in many ceremonies with Demi and always appreciate the love and compassion and safety she builds in her circles with her clients. I have been recommending many of my own clients and friends to sit with her because I trust her, her connection to and her experience with Ayahuasca.

  • I’ve done 2 ceremonies with Demi and feel very fortunate to have crossed my path with hers. The ceremonies were sublime.. Demi’s got a nurturing, feminine energy that blended with the medicine perfectly.
    Each ceremony had around 8 participants, and 2 supervisor/leaders (not sure of the proper title, Demi was one). I felt very well cared for and safe the entire time. Full recommendation

  • The ceremony at Demi’s house was wonderful, better than I could have imagined. I was in a private group of 2 people, Demi was attentive to all of our needs and a joy to be around, and we had two days to relax and absorb and integrate. I would go back in a heartbeat and highly recommend for someone wanting an authentic and deep healing experience.

  • After sitting with Demi multiple times I can say it sets the standard. My life has evolved into the most beautiful experience. Demi is kind,welcoming, knowledgeable, experienced, and available for all things. I highly recommend.

  • What a magical experience it was to sit with Demi! Small intimate ceremonies. I believe there were 10 of us or so and 3 facilitators including Demi. Demi and I believe Angela was the name of the other facilitator, and WOW what beautiful voices! The gratitude in my heart for all the beautiful souls that joined that ceremony and shared their experience is so so deep! I cannot wait to join Demi again!

  • I have participated in 4 ceremonies with Demi to date. All of them had the most amazing ambiance and energy. Demi has the voice of an ANGEL, quite literally! The medicine is always definitely strong, ensuring you will have the experience you’re seeking. I appreciate that her ceremonies are kept to smaller groups so you don’t have to worry about dealing with an overwhelming group of people battling their demons at the same time 🙂 I have referred several people to Urban Icaros. You’ll definitely be in the BEST and most loving hands for your journey! 🙏🏻 Thank you, Demi!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent. Demi was trained through the Ayahuasca Foundation Initation Course, and then on top of that she has many years under her belt. Their locations for ceremonies are always beautiful, the nicest accommodations you’ll find. Also very strong medicine. If you’re looking for someone to sit with, she’s the one. She also does only women ceremonies as well.

    1. The ceremony space created here is so safe and full of Love that it allows pure freedom to commute with Mother Atahuasca. The souls that are brought in to journey together are always thoroughly explored to make sure the purity of the space is upheld and Sacred. Demi is trained and has years of experience in this and it shows through and through. From the communication prior to ceremony, to the welcome when we get there, how she fully surrenders to Spirit during ceremony and the loving and supportive atmosphere after ceremony. I am grateful to have had the honor if journeying in her ceremony. This is home.

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