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  • This was my second time at Sacred Sanctuary and the team is a beautiful and gifted group of people that practices what they preach and you can feel the love and positive energy. The medicine is powerful and the integration process is on point.

  • I encourage anyone looking for a caring, safe and knowledgeable plant medicine organization to contact Sacred Sanctuary. My experience there has been nothing but positive.

    I have been twice as a guest to the Sanctuary, and each time have greatly advanced my own healing–their attention to the details is phenomenal, and their love for the offering and for their guests is tangible; additionally, they offer the absolute best in preparatory support, individual awareness during the retreat, and post-retreat integration which are just a few of the keys that can make all the difference. The facilitators and those who coach in connection to SS are of a quality that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. An example of what I mean is, think of the perfectly adequate, well-meaning teachers you’ve had in life, and then think of the ones who stand out as life-changing for you–this is the caliber of people who make Sacred Sanctuary available.

    What sets the Sanctuary’s group and medicine apart for me is something that feels led by the medicine itself. The facilitators are mature in their work and know what they are doing, yet are incredibly humble, kind and normal (no silly showiness, just genuine connection to this work), and the medicine appears to be able to expand within such an environment–I found my personal “work” there was lifted into a whole new direction, made possible as the facilitators and trusted volunteers move seamlessly within the flow of Aya’s direction. Both times I was there other guests were saying the same things: “The medicine feels different, comes on differently, is somehow more gentle yet deeper and more expansive and effective,” etc.

    They provided for our comfort in all ways so that we could give over to the hard work of the ceremonies. By the way, the food they serve will make you want to stay there forever.

    It is like, with all the parts working together so fluidly because of the facilitators (who each have a long history of working with medicine and bring a deep respect and integrity to the organization itself, each oth and all individuals involved and the medicine most importantly), a new paradigm of medicine work appears to be possible there. I have trusted this group with my dearest family members as well. What I hear from others and KNOW for myself is that a weekend spent in the professional, loving care of Sacred Sanctuary will have lasting benefits on your life, your peace, your growth and all of your relationships. I myself am daily, profoundly grateful.

  • We have attended three weekends with this beautiful SS Family. The Love & Teachings continue to grow with each visit. If you are interested in a space where you can be completely authentic & vulnerable SS is highly recommended! The peace of mind to be willing to journey into all parts of ourselves in safety is key for us. Knowing that the SS family has you completely protected in all ways is so powerful. From the pre prep calls to insure proper intake, Amazing Food, group sharing and Beautiful Medicina makes it Great! Another wonderful part to SS is the option of weekly integration zoom calls. These complementary group calls can help you share your experience as you strive for inner peace ☮️&💚

  • The experience at Sacred Sanctuary Retreat is incredible. Staff, facilitators and volunteers provided a safe, supportive and loving container for all of us to do the healing work we needed to do. Accommodations were comfortable. Organic delicious food helped us feel well nourished during the retreat. Every detail of the ceremony weekend was beautifully designed with intention. I’ve received support in preparation for ceremony, during ceremony and post-ceremony integration. Thank you for a beautiful weekend at Sacred Sanctuary!

  • Incredible, life-changing medicine. Felt safe and expertly cared for by staff. Food was amazing.

  • First and foremost, this experience was life changing in the most positive of ways. Second, the people there that facilitate are absolutely amazing. So loving and supportive throughout the entire the journey. Third, the property where it’s hosted is stunning. Fourth, the meals provided are done at the hands of a person who puts love and thought into everything we put inside of during our time there, absolutely amazing! Fifth, the medicine is done by a person who puts her heart and soul into it and you can tell! I could go on and on about Sacred Sanctuary! All I know is I will be back, and I miss everyone there so much. Much love and blessings to you all. Come home, we are all ready to welcome you!

  • Truly a 5 star experience.

  • This sanctuary has changed my life. If you’re looking for a healing space where the facilitators and volunteers are completely connected and collectively proving a safe container. From the food, the team, the integration sessions, the schedule, and ceremonies— this is a 5 star place to find your healing. I highly recommend this Aya retreat!

  • I have had the opportunity to participate and volunteer at a few retreats with Sacred Sanctuary and I must say it is a truly transformative and eye-opening experience. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with warmth and sincerity by the knowledgeable and caring staff.

    The retreat center itself is nestled in a serene and picturesque natural setting, which created the perfect environment for introspection and healing. The accommodations are comfortable and clean, providing a peaceful space for relaxation and reflection.

    The ceremonies are conducted with utmost reverence and respect for the sacred medicine. The facilitators leading the ceremonies are experienced, compassionate, and deeply connected to the plant spirits. Their guidance and wisdom throughout the journey are invaluable.

    The ceremonies themselves are profound and life-changing. The medicine has allowed me to delve deep into my subconscious, uncovering hidden truths, and providing profound insights into myself and my life’s purpose. The integration sessions that follow each ceremony are instrumental in helping to make sense of the experiences and integrate them into daily life.

    The support and care provided by the facilitators and staff is exceptional. They are always available to offer guidance, comfort, and reassurance during moments of vulnerability. Their knowledge and expertise in working with medicine is evident, and their dedication to the well-being of each participant is commendable.

    Overall, my experience at Sacred Sanctuary is nothing short of extraordinary. It is a transformative journey that has allowed me and many others to heal, grow, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone seeking profound inner exploration and spiritual growth.

  • There are no actual words that will express the magic that happens at Sacred Sanctuary. The people here cared for me every step of the way during my journeys. I felt extremely safe with the medic on site at all times. The medicine that Sacred Sanctuary uses is different than other retreats I have been to in the BEST way. It is powerful yet gentle, smooth yet direct with clear messages. The FOOD…..absolutely delicious and SO fresh. I felt nourished and spoiled with every single meal. If you are looking to improve your life, find more gratitude, move past trauma that is holding you back from living a life full of love and light, ayahuasca can absolutely help you. But ayahuasca at Sacred Sanctuary will CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever in the absolute best way possible!!!!!!

  • I can’t recommend this beautiful space and family enough!

    The thoughtfulness and love coupled with organization and staying true to their values makes Sacred Sanctuary what it is, an accommodating, loving, and extremely safe place to find love, awareness, and grow in depth of yourself and friendships. I can’t see myself going anywhere else. This place is truly special.

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