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15 reviews
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  • Melissa is no shaman, nor should she be serving medicine. She has no lineage or training. Just lots of Ayahuasca cups and I guess has the knack for brewing her own. It was the darkest, weirdest, most disrespectful bat-shit crazy ceremony I have ever attended. If you do attend, it might be best to have a few Ayahuasca experiences under your belt. Sit up, observe the madness. Better yet, stay away.

  • I absolutely loved the weekend I spent in ceremony with Melissa! Cozy ceremony space, beautiful spot out in the countryside, beautiful music and singing and much respect for the medicine and Mother Aya. Thank you so much for holding such a sacred space. 💖
    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  • Why are there only 5 stars to rate them?! They deserve far more. The experience I had with Melissa and Tony was undeniably special. These two were attentive to the participants in a gentle way, every purge is met with fresh tissues and a watchful eye. One of our participants was having a difficult time and Melissa sat at her feet for what felt like an eternity to ensure she was okay and working her way through it. They were hands on in a hands off way, always aware and supportive, but supporting you to do your work without interruption. A lot of times in other ceremonies there is a lot of “fluff”..think super-spiritual jargon and an air of the facilitators being on a pedestal as the guide, but you wont find that here. These humble warriors listened to the call of mama aya, and have presented us with a ceremony space that is open for uninterrupted deep work. Its not a traditional style like you’d find with the South American influence, but I truly believe the way Melissa and Tony facilitate is a beautiful modern take that meets each of us where we are. I will be back again and again and Im so grateful my path has led me here! Much love!

  • For sure super safe and powerful ceremonies 👍🏻💚 I recommend Melissa. Much love <3

  • I was having a hard time finding a ceremony I felt called to until I came across the path of sacred starlight healing. This being my first time, I was pretty nervous. Melissa was really attentive at making sure she provided constant communication leading up to, and following after. She really has a way of welcoming you to her family and making one feel safe, secure, and comfortable. She has a way of listening intuitively to know what’s needed at EVERY moment. She really helps you get deep inside and discover your true self. Tony will provide the extra sense of security and protection with his kind spirit. I had the most beautiful experience with everything I encountered with attending this ceremony. I look forward to the time I am called to sit with the medicine again. So grateful for the beautiful warriors I’ve met in this beautiful space held.

  • Sacred Starlight Healing is building a wonderful tribe in Central Texas. I’ve had the honor to be with them for a day of Sapo and two nights of the Grandmother, and all three ceremonies were well executed. The methods they use to conduct the ceremonies, particularly when it comes to the Grandmother, are somewhat non-traditional but that doesn’t deter from the experience at all. Rather, SSH brings a modern dynamic to these traditional medicines that I very much appreciate, and I look forward to the opportunity to sit with them again. 🙏🏼

  • Let me begin by saying this is the safest place for having ceremonies. I came there with a mission and everyone was there to help me through what I went through. It felt like home and I now have a very close family that I didn’t even know I could have. They are there with unconditional love!! I started my journey there and will go back again and again. I’ve only just began my journey but from the love I felt there and the love I now know I had that I didn’t. I have found my calling to love and help not only myself heal but anyone in this world that needs help. Her and her husband are beautiful spirits that know how to handle any situation. The facilitators that were there to help were so good at facilitating that I never feared anything. Before going I was nervous and when I got there and saw how helpful they were and they made everything so comfortable. Thank you again for your help to open my eyes to what I didn’t know. I am happy for the first true time in this life. I care and now have unconditional love for all. This is a great place to be. Love you all!!

    1. For sure safe and powerful ceremonies 👍🏻💚 I recommend Melissa as a shaman!

  • By far the best ceremony I have ever experienced! My world is blown wide open thanks to my experience. So grateful and excited for more ceremonies with Sacred Starlight Healing 💜💜💜

    1. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have sat with Melissa and grandmother. It was a wonderful experience. Everything that you need, she takes care of. She’s very intuitive and knows what she’s doing. Thank you so much for the opportunity here. I have so many more words. Know your in good hands here. I look forward to my next one

  • Darcy

    It is with such immense gratitude that I share this review. I have had the great privilege to participate in many different ceremonies over the past 3 years with Sacred Starlight and I will say that this is the only group that I will every do my ceremonies with. They create such a beautiful, sacred and safe space. I know that anytime I do a ceremony there is always someone right there with me for anything I need.. as if they know what I need before I even need it. The music, the settings, the people, the space…. all of it always so perfect and so beautiful. I do not have big enough words to share how wonderful Sacred Starlight Healing and everyone who helps facilitate are. My life has been changed in so many wonderful and incredible ways. I cannot recommend Sacred Starlight Healing enough and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity I have to do another ceremony with them.

  • Kindria

    By far the best environment for healing. I love how everyone was so warm and understanding. As the other participants shared their experiences, I received major insight regarding my own traumas and experiences. I am truly grateful.

  • Nazareno de los Huecos (Lin Wells)

    Many people who sponsor ceremonies see themselves as “facilitators’ and view the medicine as the healer. This is fine. You are, in fact, the healer. Only you can heal yourself. The medicine can put you in an altered state of consciousness which makes possible the quick tearing down of well constructed defense mechanisms, denial complexes, dissasociative identities and gives you the ability to see your trauma in stark honesty. This is the point where the work begins of trauma deconstruction and “soul retrieval”.

    One of Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes is “The Wounded Healer”. This can be a negative where the “wounded healer” is still “wounded”, but where this person has largely healed their wounds and is willing and able to assist you in your medicine journey with love, care, and advice even to the point of psychically moving energy in a safe environment, this is a priceless blessing.

    I have known Melissa for 3 1/2 years. All that time has been in the medicine. I have been in ceremony with Melissa in excess of 20 times. It has been an unbelievable journey. I recommend Melissa without reservation.

    May God bless you in your journey. She will.

  • Javy

    I’m fairly new to plant medicine and they made me feel at ease. They were attentive and vigilant to my wants and needs before, during, and after the ceremonies. I will definitely continue to keep going to them on my journey to healing.

  • I cannot put into words how much I love this medicine and this community. They’ve done so much for me. Sacred Starlight Healing is the real deal. If you’re looking for healing, this is the place. If you’re looking to come into your true power, this is the place. If you’re looking for support and encouragement from some real bad asses while you do all of the aforementioned, this is it. The other reviewer said it best. They are there when you need them. This is a safe and warm place even through the toughest of journeys. Much love and gratitude to these guys for who they are and all they do 🙏

  • Bryan

    Wow, I don’t even know how to put into words how absolutely amazing these people are. I am just GRATEFUL. Seriously, Sacred Starlight Healing is the real deal. If you are looking to heal, this is the place. If you are looking to come into your power, this is the place. If you are wanting to CONNECT. You know the rest. The other reviewer really said it best. They are there when you need them. They will envelope you in love and support you through the toughest phases of your journey. 10/10. Much Love!

  • The first thing I wanna say is how much gratitude I have for all these medicines. I was in such a dark place in my life, I lost my kids, I lost my home, I lost myself, and with such divine timing Sacred Starlight was just ever so elegantly placed in my path to light my way. I remember my first ceremony I was absolutely shaken with fear due to past traumas that caused massive trust issues. I was always looking over my shoulder. Durning my first ceremony I had my back turned toward my facilitator while I did all my work. Every time I needed a muh fucking tissue bam there it was, every time I need a hype man bam there she was like a fucking angel radiating light telling me you got this momma, every time I needed a song the most beautiful sounds poured from her soul that helped me climb that mountain, I was so safe and protected I never even had time to question whether or not I was or wasn’t. She had my back in a way that I can’t even being to explain in human words, but only through vibration. She helped me see my own light by allowing me to find it myself in a safe place and for that alone I am infinitely grateful!

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