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    Do not join this group. This group is a scam. The retreats are very unorganized and are a health hazard. They do not follow the guided schedule they say they are suppose to follow. It is an overpriced retreat to be done by someone that is not even a shaman. You are literally paying extra for her to use your money to go on vacation and travel different continents. During a retreat I went to, they were so clueless about the location that they didn’t even know there was a bathroom in the warehouse they were doing the ceremony in. A person attending the retreat found it by accident and the bathroom was a crucial component for everyone. Also a person attending the event almost fell and broke her head because of lack of attention from the retreat staff. The founder “Gabby” will also keep your money even if she cancels the retreat on you. Which that should be considered stealing. DO NOT ATTEND THESE RETREATS, they are very badly planned and the founder is not a light worker she is out to benefit herself and just really does it for the money and her benefit financially.

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