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  • I just returned from the Shamanic Healing Retreat in Truth or Consequences, NM with Courtni Hale. I had an amazing weekend with a beautiful, professional and deeply spiritual leader. Our group bonded over our shared and disparate life experiences. We did breath work, yoga and more before we partook in the medicine. The plant medicine brought me back to a connection with spirit and my own place in the universe. Grandmother had very clear direction for creating the next phase of my life. I also came away feeling more energetic and focused with a big reduction of physical pain I usually feel daily. Do the homework, prepare for the retreat so you can guide your own experience, and come away with new insights and a deeper connection to spirit and your own soul. Thank you Courtni Hale! 🥰 — feeling blissful.

  • I’ve attended 2 Retreats and each one is different because there are people attending from all over who bring sometimes a lot of “Baggage” and when things don’t go their way they attack and or blame Courtni or the Ceremony. Not fare by any means. This might not be the answer to your prayers… don’t shoot the Messenger… I’ve seen Courtni exhibit professionalism and sincere care and safety for the group and Community.

  • Hector Gonzales

    The woman who runs this place is a liar and a thief.
    I do not recommend anyone attend this place.

    1. I’ve attended 2 Ceremonies. Courtni is a true Professional, Guide, Counselor, Shaman extremely knowledgeable and caring for the Community Members. Because someone had a bad experience for reasons of their own their Egos their Fears does not make Courtni responsible for any of that. She is here to help guide our own particular journey but if you let that fear or ego take over you cannot be helped. This may not be the answer for everyone but you certainly won’t know until you go on your own journey of exploration. Totally trust and confide in Courtni. Thank you!

  • Courtni StarHeart Listing Owner

    We enjoyed a beautiful Ayahuasca and Kambo Ceremony in a desert springs setting. Having the food included and yoga classes, massage and sound bath is a smoking deal for the price.

    Their Training and Support package comes free with the Retreat, as well as processing in a Talking Stick Circle.

    Luxurious setting and activities create the ideal, safe setting without the need to travel abroad.

    The Medicine Woman has a direct lineage to a traditional Ayahuasca Taita as well as being trained personally by Patricio Dominguez (Spirit Molecule), a Tiwa Shaman of uninterrupted lineage.

    The community and staff are supportive and welcoming.

    Amazing, life changing experience!

    1. Why are you reviewing yourself, again? And having your helpers write reviews? You are not Native, you are not part of a Church. You are a con artist.

  • Romario

    This ceremony has forever changed my life for the better!! The shaman and her assistants provided unrelenting compassion with everyone who participated. We all get what we put out.
    The quaint hotel and healing hot springs spa have lots of character and kind people about the town. Most of the people who attended are now lifelong friends!
    How one experiences medicine is how their life has been lived.
    My grandfather is also a medicine man of the Jicarilla Apache tribe in NM and taught me our ancient ways of medicine and practice. So when I attended this ceremony, the shamanic training methods, songs, and medicine felt powerfully similar.
    This included the activities of walking, prayer, art, and sharing visions, amongst various means of self reflection and community projects.
    The methods are practiced with genuine respect and were taught traditionally with adaptation of the changing times.
    Its not about race. It is about consistent practice of tradition by one’s culture and spiritual teachers.
    The shaman of this retreat has committed and accomplished Every aspect of tradition that I am familiar with from my Jicarilla Apache lineage of medicine people.
    With the changing times, people need these kinds of community to thrive, and the Finding the Force community is with the front at manifesting the new Earth.

    1. Jasmine

      You were there as an assistant. Why are you trying to pretend you were a participant in the ceremony?

  • Mauro mendez aguayo

    Fenomenal staff, great location and follow up.
    The retreat is amazing and Courtni and the staff make you feel so safe and comfortable, they have all the tools and knowledge to help anyone find what they’re looking for.
    Will take my wife and my older kids next.
    Amazing ceremonies and value.
    I’m a totally different and better version of me after the ceremony.
    Highly satisfied and will recommend to all my loved ones .

  • Romario

    This ceremony has exponentially changed my life for the better!!! I am so happy to have been involved that I continue to contribute because of the benefits for people and the planet!!
    There needs to be more events such as these for people to realize our ancient methods of healing self, with others. Spirit has provided the means for the new earth to become real, and this retreat is a prime example of how.
    The shaman has been a powerful foundation of guidance with the community, and I look forward to the growth of all as One.
    The assistants were unrelentingly compassionate with the people and manifested a safe space to journey.
    Wow, the environment in a desert along the lovely Rio Grande, healing hot springs, and superb vegetarian food!!! I am definitely returning for the healing!!
    One of the shamanic training activities included a beautiful walk along the river and up a mesa for reflection of the past, present, and future. Then, after sharing our experiences and prayers together, we painted on silk (which I did not know was a medium until here) and took them home as our personal reminders and inspiration of our journey.

    The medicine works 100% of the time. The “bad” experiences while journeying were the toxic ways I had been living by. This ceremony helped me become aware of them, so that I may choose to live healthier with all aspects of my life.
    I HAVE chosen to live healthier since. By participating, this ceremony assured my decision.

    I love this ceremony and the community!!! I realized life long friends here!! Our shared stories helped me realize that I am not alone.
    If you are even curious about this ceremony. I highly reccomend asking about anything of it.

  • Jasmine

    Scam retreat/shaman in New Mexico with
    “Finding the Force” Courtni “Starheart” Hale

    I attended a 3 day kambo and ayahuasca retreat in New Mexico with my daughter, and I’m pretty sure it was a total scam. The “Shamin” as she called herself was condescending and passive aggressive. We were in a group of 10, and she would pick apart and analyze peoples intentions and prayers that were shared. I feel quite vulnerable sharing in a group, so this was pretty upsetting. We were expected to remain in almost total silence the entire time, even being told to be quiet in our room during “free time”.

    I had never done kambo and was prepared for it to be quite an intense experience, but it was actually quite mild. A few minutes of flushing and a racing heart. No one purged. The 4 burn marks are quite large, bigger than I’ve seen in videos or photos. Edit – there was no water drinking before or after the kambo ceremony. There were gallon jugs of water on a table, but no one was given water or told to drink water. I’m not sure if they just forgot or what.

    The ayahuasca ceremony was a bizarre experience. Each person in the group was given a cheap dollar store mesh pouch and some cheap beads off of a necklace to create a sort of medicine pouch. We then had a cacao ceremony, which consisted of a cup of lukewarm hot chocolate, no ceremony involved.

    About an hour later we were given our first of 3 cups of the medicine. She said the she has a special recipe that prevents purging. We sat around on couches for 2 hours doing nothing, then received our second cup and went either outside or back to our rooms. I felt no effects from the first or second cup, maybe slightly high feeling at most. The options were to sit outside alone or in your room alone. I stayed outside.

    The “Shamin” only came out of her room twice, for about 5 minutes during the entire night. Her helpers passed out the third cup and then left, and never came back. Everyone went to bed after the third cup. Back to silent rooms with no music, no nothing. There was music outside but it was 30 degrees out and there was no fire or anything, so no one stayed outside for long. I eventually went in and fell asleep after feeling no effects from the third cup. My daughter had about the same experience. No one in the group purged, I’m not sure what was in the medicine.

    We got up and left in the morning without finishing the final days activities. The Shamin and her helpers were nowhere to be seen by 9am, nor was the 8am breakfast we were supposed to be served. I told the others in the group that we had been scammed and that this lady was no shaman, and then left. Most of the group were first timers.

    We paid $750 each for this ridiculous experience, which included 2 nights in a hotel and 4 meals. The hotel room was a suite we had to share with 2 other people, so we had someone on the couch, 2 people on the floor, and one in a bed. What luxury 😒. This lady is doing these retreats every 2 weeks, obviously just scamming people. I thought I did my research, she claimed to have 15 years of training, trained in South America, has published books.

    We were told that no phones were allowed, which I was fine with, but then I realized that it was so that you would purchase photos that one of the helpers was taking all weekend. I didn’t stay long enough to find out how much they were charging for the photos.

    She claimed to be half Native American and half Hispanic, which I think is also a lie. I found a post on a website where she claimed to be a “mostly white girl from New York”.

    Unfortunately this isn’t Amazon and it’s not easy to leave a rewiew or warn people about crap like this. This experience was mentally devastating after spending weeks preparing for what would have been my second ceremony.

    1. Mauro mendez

      I attended the same ceremony.
      I think jasmine need to work on her intentions and need to understand that this is a healing retreat with plant medicine.
      This is not a drug to only get high.
      I think jasmine needs to work on her intentions and understand that you get from the medicine what you bring as intentions.
      If you want to get high , there are different options for you, but it’s not cool to discredit something that is changing life’s for the best.
      Hope the best for jasmine.

      1. Jasmine

        Nobody mentioned attending a retreat to get high except you 🤔

    2. Romario

      I was attended this ceremony.
      This woman disresepcted the shaman by talking when we all agreed in writing to not out of resepcg for each person’s journey, stole from the community after having stayed in the hotel by refunding the money from paypal, ate the food and left befpre breakfast (which was, participated in the classes, and took the medicine.
      As shown in the itinerary shared with everyone, we were to have an integration circle where we shared our experiences first, then eat, and then go home. The phones not being allowed are for keeping people safe from themselves and each other so to have a clear journeying experince (also agreed upon in writing and confirmed by paying). The photos by the photographer are for the web platform, and a photo session before leaving was to show people’s auras, and are optional to buy.
      She had a King bed in the largest and longest room of the hotel where people had room to sleep. The other people had no complaints.
      The assistants watched out for people until they were ready to sleep. The music stays outside for people journeying quietly inside. The shaman was inside preparing each medicine round and maintaining a healthy energy of the space for the people. Then checked on people for every round and once more late into the night. This woman did not respond when spoken to as she sat outside.
      All of the parameters for the participants were signed and agreed to by her. Everyone else had no problem with any of this. Yet she leaves before the closing ceremony (that she also agreed to attend) and spues her toxicity upon others online without realizing her own toxic ways of living.

      The way one experiences medicine is how they have been living their lives. The medicine works 100% of the time.
      We all saw that clearly, and more so now with what she has done. Although, her daughter was cool, kind, and followed instructions respectfully. I have no ill will towards any of them. I do hope that they are healing well and have what is needed.

      1. I’m going to shut her down. She’s not Native American or Hispanic, she’s a white Jewish lady from New York. How are you ok with her disgusting cultural appropriation? Leaving participants alone during a ceremony is wrong and dangerous. You didn’t attend as a participant, you were there as a helper, so you are as guilty as she is. Her “Church of the Natural Law” doesn’t even exist and neither does her nonprofit “CNTK”. And I never agreed to share a room with 4 people! I’ve already spoken with several other people from the ceremony that agree with me about the whole situation. Her writing her own reviews here and having her “helpers” write reviews is just ridiculous.

    3. This content was reported inappropriate.

  • This Charlatan is a culture vulture. She sells ceremonies that she appropriates from all over the world. She is not from any of the communities who actually practice these traditions. She is dangerous and she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

  • Courtni StarHeart Listing Owner

    This Traditionally Trained Medicine Person holds small, safe Ceremony and caretakers each person. They have Training materials for before and after, as well as Zoom calls weekly for processing. The Medicine was gentle yet powerful, and they offer 3 rounds, plus cacao Ceremony, Drum Journey, and Kambo. Highly recommended!

    1. This is Courtni reviewing herself again.

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