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  • If you’re reading this, it means you’re searching for something life changing. I was when I found Hummingbird Heart. Mother Ayahuasca was calling me and led me to Teri and Dea. When you’re searching for an alternative spiritual cleansing and healing it can be confusing and scary because it’s not the traditional norm. No doubt, apprehensions, skepticism and hesitations occur. These feelings carry until the process starts to transform. This experience was absolutely LIFE CHANGING. Hummingbird Heart is an intimate, safe, loving and WELL EXPERIENCED place to start your journey of healing. Small groups, excellent prescreening process, prior follow up, post follow up and the entire ceremony was the most beautiful experience of my life. The level of knowledge, skill, talent, trust, medicine, authenticity and safety was profound. Teri and Dea adhere to very strict standards. They communicate very well months before and assign expectations to ensure a pure and ultimate experience. You must follow these to truly find healing. Most of these are simply fasting and purifying your mind and body for Ayahuasca. I RECOMMEND HUMMINGBIRD TO EVERYONE WHO IS READY. I left my ceremony a different person. Better, stronger, empowered. I got to make peace w my pain and my past. The work is not done on my part but, the work is different. It has a different tune. For those who want to know about purging…. LOL Sounds gross and scary! Right!? Please know, it is a huge part of the process. Nothing was gross about it. Pain, hurt and bad memories are being released from the deep depths of our bodies. Teri and Dea keep a well organized and sanitary regime. FIVE STARS FOR MY EXISTENCE!
    Thank you Teri and Dea!