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  • Wow I feel relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one who got a dark negative omnious vibe from Andres. When I found him I didn’t have much experience with ceremonies- now years later and as a practicing curandera I can say with certainty that he lacks humility and question his intent as a carrier of this sacred medicine. I would NEVER sit in circle with him again nor trust any family or friend (especially female) to do so. There are far better circles that are safe. The medicine itself is the real deal – but I would not trust him to lead, and protect the participants between portals. Although there was healing- There was just weird things happening between participants who were complete strangers like dry humping each other- and Andres would break out into these weird laughs (think hyenas from the Lion King). His facilitators lacked training. I made the mistake of recommending others bc as I said the medicine is real- and I wasn’t sure if his behavior normal …..however they also reported that something about him was off and felt they could not completely surrender. I’m glad to for this platform to share my story, receive confirmation that I am not the only one that got an uneasy vibe from him, and to warn others who are searching for healing- and forever thankful for my guides and ancestors protecting me during my journey while sitting in circle with him. I hope this review finds those who are contemplating working with Andres and perhaps consider a shaman with humility, integrity, and pure heart.

    1. Andres Villa Listing Owner

      First of all, sorry about my hyena laugh lol.
      Here, anyone can tell the personal nature of your comment, we know clearly know who you are, despite your fake account… and we are sorry that you keep creating accounts to slander. We heard you spend some time in Jail for burning the Shasta forest a few years ago and leaving over 50 families without homes. I am truly very sorry you had to go through that and we are sorry that you are still holding a grudge for not allowing you to burn fires inside of our ceremonies…
      We are happy to talk to you to resolve any outstanding emotional issues from when you worked with us.. the whole team sends you a big hug Alex

    2. Andres Villa Listing Owner

      Btw, I haven served medicine in the states for almost 2 years now, really sorry you are still carrying this resentment for this long instead of working it out with me/us or working it out on your own
      Wishing you peace🙏

  • Over the past year and a half I have attended 4 ceremonies, gone to Peru and attended 2 courses offered through Pachamama Sacred Paths. I have learned an incredible amount about myself, mended fractured relationships, maintained sobriety and taken ownership of my life. The lessons and guidance that I have received from Andres and other wonderful facilitators has been life changing. I have always felt safe inside and outside of ceremony spaces through this organization. I have attended a few other circles in this time but I prefer their methodology utilized, with ritual, integration, breathwork and music. My life truly has changed for the better, it has been so long since I felt in control and looking forward to my life and a large part of that is because of this organization. I am extremely grateful for all the support and guidance I have received.

    Shine forth!

  • I attended my 2nd ceremony with Pachamama Sacred Paths and I had the most wonderful and profound healing. The retreat was guided with wonderful care, and friendship. I attended the first retreat in Puebla which was such a beautiful awakening 3 day ceremony. This second ceremony was a 7 day experience and I felt like going a little deeper to work on some personal childhood themes that I had not felt safe to work on if it wasnt for Pachamama and for Andres
    I am a Psicologist and was deeply observant of the dynamics and mechanics of the ceremony interactions based on previous comments, however I have to say that none of that was observed.

    I felt safe, respected, and felt that their teachings were in alignment with their vibration and I feel fortunate to have found this community

  • I’ve been to many medicine ceremonies, retreat centers and spiritual communities around the world, but I have yet to find anything as authentic as what as what I found at Pachamama Sacred Paths. A community of real people, opening, growing, and learning together. There are plenty of retreats that charge more for extra luxuries, or put on more of a “show”, but those often don’t offer the spiritual framework to truly understand these experiences and integrate them moving forward. I was hesitant at first about doing so many medicines so close together, but I now realize how beautifully they compliment each other, to allow for an even deeper experience. The medicine journeys and spiritual wisdom I’ve acquired thanks to Pachamama Sacred Paths have helped me through some of the darkest times of my life and empowered me to follow my hearts desire and continuously create the life I want for myself.

  • Greetings my name is Natasha, I attended my first ceremony in December of 2019. I heard about Pachamama and Andres through a friend who highly recommended him. The home where the ceremony was held was beautiful, there was enough room for us to be comfortable and enough restroom space to accommodate everyone. All meals were prepared for us so that all we had to do was enjoy and process the fullness of each medicine we took.

    With this being my first experience, I was some what fearful of what it entailed. As soon as I met Andres I was put at ease as his presence has a calming effect. The way that each medicine was administered was a great introduction to the next. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to the next plant medicine weekend with Pachamama.

    Currently I am taking the Shamanism course that is also offered through Andres(Pachamama) and it has transformed my life in many different ways. I have experienced different Religions and also Spiritual groups and this path has connected me to the innermost parts of myself that I was seeking. It has offered me the reunification with the subconscious parts of myself so that I can heal on multiple levels. The rituals take things to another level and help me to integrate the teachings. This has been life changing for me and there are no words to express my gratitude for this program. Totally grateful and I will be able to carry the teachings with me throughout my life also to help improve the life of those around me. Aho Aho Aho

  • I can’t speak to any of the above. However there are concerning similarities between this group and Ayahuasca Healing Experience led by Shaba. Mainly just down right fanaticism and disregard for the safety of participants. The only and last retreat I will attended was at Big Bear, CA and it was during a unprecedented blizzard. Frankly the location should have been moved. The storm was dismissed as a Sphinx. My wife and extremely talented healer put it best. Sometimes a blizzard is just a F*ck*ng blizzard. Oh and I certainly didn’t see Andres driving his happy self into that Sphinx as he wasn’t present. Other than that the ceremony was great and the Shaman was a great guy.

    Undercover Shaman

    1. Andres Villa Listing Owner

      Hello Jesse,
      Myself and a few others have been developing the retreats here in Mexico. We are very surprised to hear about your feelings through this review, especially after we talked over the phone and texted right after the retreat, and None of this was expressed.

      About the storm, we were completely understanding and happy to refund the deposit to 1 other participant who was a little scared about the snow and who canceled last min. Everyone, who did attend report an amazing experience.

      What is usually common, is that there is an ego adjustment after the retreats, where we can feel vulnerable after the retreats and which is why we ask everyone to stay close to the integration group.
      We are here if you need to talk about anything Jesse!

      Many blessings brother!

  • The medicine was the healer. Leader feels ominous. I am a man and would not want my daughter or wife to come.

  • I have known Andres for years at this point. I followed him in his previous family, Brenda and his children with such an amazing community. After seeing his Facilitators, slowly leave, I recognize there was some thing wrong here. As investigation continued, before I could fully understand the picture, Andreas had left the country with one of the vulnerable participants after Lauren (previous facilitator refused his ‘love’ . I see Andres responded to one of the comments above with his perspective, but as someone who has a non-biased view, leaving your ‘wife’ of 17 years and two children to marry a participant is a direct abuse of power.
    I’m glad the young girl from your retreat that you manipulated, got away.

    This man has investigations still under way. Be aware.

  • This man is a spiritual manipulator that should not be trusted to have good intentions. Though he provides plant medicines and ceremonies can be powerfully healing, He manipulated and abused his role of power causing much of the community that trusted him to leave. Highly recommend looking elsewhere and ALWAYS putting your healing, health and personal safety FIRST no matter how enlightened someone claims to be. I made the mistake of not doing that and saw the dark side of Andres Villa that I am still healing from.

    1. Hi, my friend recommended i visit here for a ceremony and saw your post during my research. Can you please shed some light to your review? Safety is a concern reading your message. Thank you.

      1. Hi, I’m not Lauren, but I can speak to these experiences. Andres has proven to prey on the vulnerable to build his ego and is financially driven.

      2. I had great healing during ceremony this last year but felt very uneasy after learning more information about Andres. As a man. It’s not right.

      3. As a woman, I really value the intention of this site. There are lots of people looking for safe places to sit with the medicine and have transformative experiences. It is unfortunate that a comment from an ex-parter of one of the Shamans and judgments from someone about his personal life would end up on here and possibly steer women away out of fear for their safety. I’ve been in the community for a while and have recently started supporting at the retreats, so I can speak to my experience as both a participant and a facilitator.

        One of the reasons I felt immediately safe at my first Pachamama retreat is because it is explicitly stated that everyone is more open and vulnerable when on medicine, and retreats are not the time for romantic advances. Safety and comfortability of participants is a priority. For this reason, there is always both male and female facilitators present. Everyone is asked to stay in sacred circle while on the medicines. Otherwise, shared rooms are separated by gender.

    2. Noccan Kani Andres Listing Owner

      Hello Lauren,
      I am so sorry that we had to go through that painful experience together… We fell in love and unfortunately, neither you nor I were ready for that. I have been understanding, through many events, quite a bit of what pulled us together in the first place. Like I have mentioned many times both in the past and just recently we both got very hurt because we were both deeply in it emotionally and we unconsciously created emotional attachment. 1 more thing that is always present, is that every event/experience has a purpose, and as painful as these lessons were, they are in many ways the answer to a prayer we’ve both had. To find love. However, all the reasons of why we were asking for love, were based on the lack of love in our childhood. We experience what all teachings say: Love does not flow in attachment nor expectation and it can be toxic and create chaos

      I truly hope you understand that I believe that the purpose is being achieved now as we heal both you and I from that experience. And I wish you nothing except the blessings of healing that come through our own growth and alignment to the divine.

      1. As an unbiased participant in many of your ceremonies, I can speak to these inaccuracies.

        Your direct reactions to Lauren (a young girl and great facilitator) were inappropriate and frankly scary as someone who so many people have gone to for healing.

        1. Andres Villa Listing Owner

          Hello Mari,
          Im not sure Who you are and I hope you know that I respect your emotions, but to call yourself to be non-biased, you cast a lot of righteous condemnation without knowing the current ongoing relationship With Lauren nor Brenda, you are totally elusive of reality: Lauren and I
          (As well as Brenda and I) are in good terms, sorry you feel victimized by the stories you create in your head to keep yourself in alignment with who you need to be and how you need to feel..
          Munay Mari Paqo (whoever you are)

  • Requested to be anonymous

    Life changing experience! Andres is a true friend and a wise teacher and leader. His heart is truly in this work. He is very honest and real. I have attended 4 of his ceremonies, and each one has helped me to grow so much. If you are looking for this kind of a healing, I 100% recommend these guys!!

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