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Church of Pachamama - Sacred Paths (California)


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    This man is a spiritual manipulator that should not be trusted to have good intentions. Though he provides plant medicines and ceremonies can be powerfully healing, He manipulated and abused his role of power causing much of the community that trusted him to leave. Highly recommend looking elsewhere and ALWAYS putting your healing, health and personal safety FIRST no matter how enlightened someone claims to be. I made the mistake of not doing that and saw the dark side of Andres Villa that I am still healing from.

    1. Hi, my friend recommended i visit here for a ceremony and saw your post during my research. Can you please shed some light to your review? Safety is a concern reading your message. Thank you.

    2. Noccan Kani Andres Ceremony Owner

      Hello Lauren,
      I am so sorry that we had to go through that painful experience together… We fell in love and unfortunately, neither you nor I were ready for that. I have been understanding, through many events, quite a bit of what pulled us together in the first place. Like I have mentioned many times both in the past and just recently we both got very hurt because we were both deeply in it emotionally and we unconsciously created emotional attachment. 1 more thing that is always present, is that every event/experience has a purpose, and as painful as these lessons were, they are in many ways the answer to a prayer we’ve both had. To find love. However, all the reasons of why we were asking for love, were based on the lack of love in our childhood. We experience what all teachings say: Love does not flow in attachment nor expectation and it can be toxic and create chaos

      I truly hope you understand that I believe that the purpose is being achieved now as we heal both you and I from that experience. And I wish you nothing except the blessings of healing that come through our own growth and alignment to the divine.

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    Life changing experience! Andres is a true friend and a wise teacher and leader. His heart is truly in this work. He is very honest and real. I have attended 4 of his ceremonies, and each one has helped me to grow so much. If you are looking for this kind of a healing, I 100% recommend these guys!!

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