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  • I attended the first retreat at Pachamama’s new Maine location on 11 August, 2023. Every part of the experience vastly exceeded my expectations. Having never worked with a plant medicine, there was certainly a bit of trepidation as I embarked on the journey. These concerns were minimized after the pre-retreat zoom call, which allowed us to ask questions, and receive advice and experiences from a few prior attendees to the New Hampshire Sanctuary.

    Derek, the team of volunteers, integration coaches, curanderos, and fellow attendees fostered a safe, supportive, and welcoming space. I was received with kindness, openness, and acceptance. The flow of the weekend allowed for rest, reflection, and peace between the periods of challenging work associated with exploring oneself via Ayahuasca and breath work. The space in which we did our work, nestled within a beautiful natural surrounding, was clean, spacious, and beautiful in and of itself. The food was nourishing, and complemented the dieta used in preparing for the weekend.

    The message and teachings received from the medicine herself varies with each recipient, after all, as she shows you ‘what you need, not what you want.’ In considering this, to share my specific experiences would not add value to yours. I will simply say that the weekend spent with the Pachamama team, and with Ayahuasca, was life changing. It has provided me with an understanding and framework from which I can confidently do the work to create and live a life full of purpose and love. I am forever grateful for the serendipity that brought me to meet the wonderful souls that guided me on this journey at Pachamama.

    If you feel called to delve deeper into your consciousness and to effect meaningful change in your life armed with the gift of this insight, I highly recommend Pachamama Sanctuary and the plant medicine Ayahuasca as a conduit for this challenging but rewarding work.

    With warmth and love,



    currently some controversy around this Church, please watch the video to know more

    1. Derek Januszewski Listing Owner

      All of this video has been proven false. We are reopening August 11th, 2023 just outside Maine. There is plenty of proof out there showing that the state, in fact, did issue an injunction making it illegal for us to continue having retreats at that location. Once the dust settled, we sent out every penny we had to refund people. All but 6 have been refunded to this point but we ran out of money. As soon as we have our first retreat we will be issuing checks to the final 6 people waiting on refunds. We very much regret any hurt we have caused through this process. It was a really difficult situation and we did our best at every turn to make sure everyone would be made whole again.

      We have also made massive changes in the way our organization is being run. I am no longer in charge. We have a team of people who are handling most things. We are committed to reinventing ourselves in a way that maintains integrity, transparency, honor and respect.

  • Hello!

    I recently visited Pachamama Sanctuary in New Hampshire for my first Ayahuasca retreat. It was Amazing! The accommodations were comfortable, clean, professional, yet still made me feel like I was part of a community. All staff were incredibly kind and accommodative, especially as most people in my group over the weekend were new to Ayahuasca. Derek truly works from the heart, as well as extensive experience and seeks to provide each person seeking enlightenment from Ayahuasca the best experience possible. I highly recommend Pachamama Sanctuary in New Hampshire.

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