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4 Reviews on “PSILO TEMPLE”

4 reviews
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    Attending the ceremony was a transformative experience. Found myself in a safe space, it led me to healing and connecting to my higher self. I’m grateful for and would definitely recommend to everyone. Thanks Mark!

  • James and the team are always helpful, well informed, and super professional. Love this group!!!

  • I have attended a few of their ceremonies and it’s a good crew. They are conscientious and attentive and the team has alot of diverse backgrounds and communication styles. If you like soundbath-style sound healings, it’s really amazing use of instruments: crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, and more. Sometimes it can be a little crowded but the people are very nice and chill. The dossage is typically mellow but effective, it’s not the kind of environment for a deep dive, but it is a really cool community and I recommend them.

  • I came to PSILO Temple with a fair amount of apprehension. I didn’t have much experience and the experience I did have, was negative. After learning about their psychedelic integration meetings on Meet Up, I decided to attend. I slowly became comfortable and eventually decided to go to the summer solstice ceremony.

    The preparation work was valuable and insightful. It helped lay the groundwork in a practical manner but also mentally prepared me for my journey. The care and dedication provided by the volunteers and the facilitator himself was incredible. The container they created was perfect for allowing me to lower my guard and fully immerse myself in the experience. The sound bath, the breath work, the journaling, it all came together and provided me with a life-changing experience. Indeed PSILO Temple has changed my life for the better.

    The ceremonies, the sound baths, and the integration is an essential part of PSILO Temple. Yet, therapeutic self-healing and the community that is created, that’s the most significant thing and the foundation, in my eyes, of PSILO Temple.

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