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5 reviews
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  • Elektra Moon of the Southern Star Church of Love is an incredible Medicine Woman with the highest integrity, dedication and professionalism. Over three years I have experienced her entheogenic medicine initiations, healing work and shadow work mastery.

Elektra has supported me every step of the way on my amazing journey of self discovery! I am 46 and on the spiritual path for more than a decade. Working with Elektra has fast forwarded my conscious development & deepened my soul embodiment. I am always blessed by her powerful presence, intuition and guidance, held in unconditional love and feel free to explore the somatic landscape without judgement. I keep coming back due to the power of her rituals and in knowing I will receive amazing aftercare when I need it!

    As a 

High Priestess, Medicine woman and Bodywork Expert I hope many more people will be lucky enough to experience Elektra’s gifts..she will forever have my heartfelt gratitude for her positive impact on my ability to celebrate life..highly recommended!!

  • Having sat in one on one ceremony with Elektra on multiple occasions and also witnessing the way she holds space for others, I am truly in awe of this medicine woman and the way she walks in this world.
    One of the things I find most remarkable is the devotion she has to serving and caring for others with unconditional love. I also find her knowledge of different plant medicines and the human anatomy/psyche to be extensive and inspiring for my own practice.
    I consider her sacred ceremonies of love to be essential for anyone who is ready to whole heartedly delve into their inner work, shadow work, and/or healing journey.

  • I have sat in multiple ceremonies with Elektra Moon of The Southern Star Church of Love over many years, and she has served me bufo, changa, ayahuasca, cacao and hape. The unique energetic care she provides during ceremony and after are what make her so rare, and the reason I continue to come back to her. She knows how to navigate energetic spaces most people don’t, and she’s able to conduct deep healing on people, both in medicine and out. Elektra has an extensive healing background as a reiki master, high priestess, licensed massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, and lots more that I don’t even know about.

    This woman has made agreements with these medicines and has studied with them, learning their ins and outs..and it shows. She has set up an entheogenic church to be able to safely and legally serve these sacraments. She truly shows up for this medicine. During ceremony, she will walk into the depths with you and hold you there until you’ve gotten what you need, no matter what that is. And after ceremony, she provides bodywork and craniosacral therapy for integration, and monthly cacao circles for community support. I cannot say enough about how magical of a medicine woman Elektra Moon is. I highly recommend her!!

  • I am to say, I had a wildly profound first bufo ceremony with Elektra that I could never forget on 6/9. After arranging an introductory phone call to build an initial rapport. She graciously opened her sanctuary for a private ceremony, where I was guided through meditation with this awe inspiring sacrament. She provided a safe and comfortable space, where I was free to completely surrender to its process. The positive touch and sound that were offered by Elektra and assistant Maggie are what made the experience so genuine. I recommend to anyone who is ready to take this step in their own journey.

  • I have visited Elektra a handful of times. Each visit has been transformative and penetrating, for me. She provides a safe and loving space for the ceremonies. And the deep~ DNA level healing I have experienced in working with her has been light speed fast in comparison to other healing modalities. She is truly generous and pure love on her divine mission. Since I starting seeing Elektra my life has positively and massively ascended; and I am free of addiction and anxiety.

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