Reviews on Listing

  • Melissa is no shaman, nor should she be serving medicine. She has no lineage or training. Just lots of Ayahuasca cups and I guess has the knack for brewing her own. It was the darkest, weirdest, most disrespectful bat-shit crazy ceremony I have ever attended. If you do attend, it might be best to have a few Ayahuasca experiences under your belt. Sit up, observe the madness. Better yet, stay away.

  • This is a great group of people that keep a very safe space. Juan and Maria are lovely people sharing their love, wisdom, music and medicine. The volunteers and the staff that make this space possible have a passion for serving. Brent does an excellent job making the ceremony run smoothly. We are fortunate to have found this amazing group of people so close to our home in Austin. We look forward to spending more time with this awesome group.